not official (yet)

MIDI matrix editing

i have no idea if it will be added to N, but i have asked Flavio to add a little change to help MIDI users - if it is implimented it will allow you to alter the pitch of indivudual notes or an area of a MIDI track without entering the piano roll -

the principal is import a MIDI track, splice (cut) track at selected points and change the pitch of that area - this will be far faster than dragging notes up and down the piano roll to see how the track sounds - as MIDI clips are now the same as audio clips then you will (i hope) be able to use the matrix editor on them, this will open up a completely new way (in N) of editing MIDI - this will mean that every MIDI track in the editorv will have to be output to a VSTi manually, no big deal for what you would gain - MIDI MAGIC -


How about controllers? Can you glide pitch?

pitch change (transpose) is still i whole note - BUT found this today -

using my Edirol PCR M1 kbd controller - if i insert a MIDI track, arm track for recording, while track is recording move pitch and modulate controls, when you stop recording the pitch and mod data is written to the track and will correctly effect the track when it is replayed -

in other words you can add pitch/mod data to a track without wiping out the notes already on that track -

depending on what controller you have you may be able to add quite a lot of things to the track -


cool - good to know!

Gonna have to file that one away in my ‘bag o tricks’ folder.