Not playing

stuck in stop

What causes a song to not play. I have 8 tracks that where playing just fine. And then it just started stareing at me with no play movement of any kind. Won’t mixdown. Will record but shows no movement on the time line or the clock. I have a small area for my mouse and I might have inadvertently click on something that stops all actions?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

You hit pause by mistake?

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Jan. 18 2009, 4:08 PM)

You hit pause by mistake?

Ya maybe, forgot about pause. Anyone ever really use that? lol But I don't remember seeing anything blinking. fingers crossed as I go check that!
Thx good buddy if not, I'm going to drink some wisky ;)

Nice try, but that wasn’t it. I don’t have looping on either. Just screwed up my weekend jam time.

save if you can and reload. I dunno what to tell ya Levi. Any plugins that may have caused it?

No, out of 8 tracks I only have 4 effects on. Weird stuff! At least I got n looking like I like it to look. It will play other songs just not this one. I’ve rebooted, reinstalled, reloaded, renamed, rethought about it. Wisky sounds good.

One thing I can try is to remove tracks untill I find the one with the hangup :wink:

I removed each track then tried play untill there where no more tracks in the song.
It wouldn’t budge.
I added a blank audio trk and hit record. The circle whent around the record button. and the record word showed up but no time line movement or digets showed.
When I hit stop, there was a little clip but I could not play that either.
So I closed that song and opened a new song and all works normally.
SO it is information that is in the song file, or I have hit something else by mistake that is causing this song to stand at attention.

If you want to send me another clip with the same bpm, same countdown and 3mins long, that would help.
Don’t worry about fills. I mean make available.
If you don’t feel like it Punky, that’s ok too.

Levi’s Drums

I just listened to this - man those ride cymbals are Schweeet! And awesome tom fills.

Don’t screw it up!

Pull your sound card out, reboot once without it, and then put it back in so it’s reinstalled. Could very well be something related to the clock. n-Tracks will sit and wait for the clock if it’s not running.

Try toggling the system and soundcard clocks as the default recording device.

One issue that WILL cause n-tracks to sit and wait is if there are multiple input pairs on the card - as in 8 inputs in 4 pairs - that are set to stay in sync (usually a flag in the device specific mixer). If the sync option is on, and you don’t record on all inputs (such you are trying to record on only 3-4, but 1-2 isn’t set for record) you can end up waiting for all 4 pair to start. In this scenario pair 1-2 will never start because it wasn’t selected to record from, and the rest (any others that are select) will wait for 1-2.

I hit that scenario with my Echo stuff occasionally, whet I’ve been doing a full drum set and forget to disable the sync inputs option before going to guitar overdubs.

It’s not a bug…really. It really IS a feature. :)

Ok PkW got it thx

Phoo, I appreciate that.
Infact now that I think about it, I do memember glancing at that clock and thinking it was off.
I’ll check that and try your tech too.
Much appreciated guys!
Nothing worse than being set up, having the time and then finding yourself hog tied.
Good thing I still have a little wiskey left.
:laugh: just kiddin about the fire water. Just trying to make y’all think it’s real wild down here around Dallas.


Nothing worse

I agree!

Levi, where around Dallas? I’m around that area myself - 'course, it’s not too wild where I live.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Jan. 18 2009, 6:26 PM)


Nothing worse

I agree!

I had it done, early today!
Right down to figuring out what exactly the lyrics ment :laugh:
Had the drums way up top I was ready to mix down.
The mix sounded awsome on my system.
Oh yea I still had to dup the bass track to make a bass that would cut a laptop.
And also think about the lyrics.
But other than that is was sounding richous!
But hrs and hrs of bs now.
To make it worse Flavio jurked my keys (when i installed 2433).
Says they where found floating around you pirates lol
So I'm wondering if I've been hacked or Flavio's records have been hacked?
Or maybe someone figure out his mythology for making keys.
So all I'm getting at this time is bells and whistel and can't save anything until the new keys arrive.

Drum track sounds very good!
Quote: (bax3 @ Jan. 18 2009, 7:07 PM)

Levi, where around Dallas?
I'm around that area myself - 'course, it's not too wild where I live.

Hey great Bax we'll have to do some ribbs or something!
I'm in Arlington, just moved here from Austin. The only thing wild around here is nTrack at the moment!

I tried both sets of my keys no joy. I would also like to see an option of WHERE the new beta installs choosing a new location BEFORE the working version is uninstalled!