Not quite the best ever

but it’s today’s product

written and recorded as per usual between 10 and 1:30 today, perhaps not the greatest, but I’d hate to break my string. :)

“Breath In, Breath Out” is the song. Snare is through a vintage EV 630, kick through a 630 and an audix D6, both through the new old Spotmaster radio console, overheads a pair of EV cardinals, guitars likewise through a Cardinal, so it’s sort of an EV song. :)

Thanks for using 4 minutes of your life to listen to this! :)

Again, great stuff!


Well, I was thinking to myself this morning “I need my TomS fix…” and here it is - another great 4 minute indie rock ditty :D

Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration by making rapid-great-song-writing appear easy! If you keep going at this rate I’ll have to get a bigger MP3 player by this time next year :p

You should be making a fa-fillion dollars for soundtrack.

…far away…radio… and fade…
stay tuned for scenes from the next episode…

Hee hee. I did write and record three songs this past weekend, but in a move unusual to me, I decided they were too awful to impose on anyone. And next weekend it a bust - i wont have a chance to do any music, because I will be enjoying Voodoo Chicken on Beale St in Memphis. So, please, do pity me. :D

Mmm…mmmm…mmmm, I can taste the chicken now…

At this place: King’s Palace Restaurant:

…yes…we have air conditioning!

Very pretty song. Good hook too.

…alot of talent there!


Thanks kf!

I recorded two more this past weekend, one again so awful I won’t impose it upon you, the other a song from the Wizard of Oz, so I don’t think I can impose it, I believe it’s still under copyright. But I thought of changing the title a little, to “Ballad of the World Leaders.” I think I’ll leave it to you guys to guess the actual song title. :)