Not resetting MIDI setup at loop

I am using DreamStation as an external Synth using a MIDI Loopback (LoopBe30), driven by NTrack. I am using MIDI Channel 1 in NTrack, driving MIDI Channel 1 in Dreamstation. It works OK except that when the sequence loops or restarts, all settings in DreamStation are reset, so that any changes I make to the sounds in DStation are lost at each Loop in Ntrack.
Is there a way to prevent this in NTrack?
I am using the sample drum track that comes with the demo. I have checked the Track’s MIDI Event List and can see no reset events to be removed, so I have to assume it’s a default behaviour in the sequencer.

I need to either be able to switch off the zeroing or allow that but then search back for previous controller settings when the play starts again.

Cakewalk’s equivalent is “Zero Controllers when play stops” and "Patch/Controller Serach before Play Starts"

Thanks for any help on this one


the Dreamstation i have is Dreamstation DXi2 - this is a virtual instrument and does not require the use of a loopback device -

ADD CHANNEL/add new instrument channel/DXI/dreamstation -

import your MIDI track - right ckick on MIDI track and output to Dreamstation - you can now loop without resetting anything in Dreamstation - as Dreamstation generates its own waveforms the MIDI track can be saved as (mixed down) to a wave file -

you may like to have a look at Synth1 (link below), it is a free vst synth plugin, comes with 128 presets and has a very good arpeggiator which when using a drum preset you can alter the speed of the drumming in realtime -

Dr J