Not Sure What to Make Of this

Happy? Joyed?
Amused? Scared?
Old and scarred?

listening to that little guy sing “i shot a man in reno just to watch him die” is odd.

Pretty cute!
You know that kid got a bunch of applause, that’s all it takes.
A new singer is born!

Ping…I’d go with scared :laugh:

I give him some respect, at the end they pan out and you see it is a good size stage,
just the little feller sittin there strummin.
And yes, applause always helps get you hooked.

That’s frightening…

He needs a promoter his age, to book him…
Together, they’d make a team that they wouldn’t need to worry where their next dollar would come from…
for the next 50 years…


I watched half of it, and am now scarred for life. Thanks for sharing.


'til next time;