Note sure I want to admit to these, but

Well, someone has to post something today. :)

First, this is the result of boredom - “Theme from a Nonexistent 70s Detective Show”:

Second - what happens when I get out my Big Muff fuzz box - and pretend to be 16 again - uh - any of you guys know what a “war wagon” is?


It’s great except for that flubup :laugh: But I suppose the flubup makes it seem more natural?

Which flubup, exactly?

Key note at 47, otherwise very very cool :agree:

Like the French accent on Cookie’fingair, nice!
Like a double entendre if you catch my drift :laugh: can cover alot of ground with that one :laugh:
Your just to much fun goodbuddy and to think your from mich of all places :D

Oh, yeah, at 47, how could I have missed that?

My attitude is that I could go in and change all the midi info, edit it to make it correct, but (a) I’m too lazy to do so, (b) the music is not worth it, and © it’s more real (for fake stuff) this way.

I was going to post a picture of the war wagon in question (a senior tradition that involved painted cars and thrown eggs circa 1980 - wonder if they still do it - probably involves firearms and meth nowadays rather than eggs and beer) but it has foul language painted on it, and foul fingers extended by one of the occupants, and it’s not my picture anyway. I only gave them the skull. :laugh:

Darn right I’m from Michigan. I’m also from other places, when it is convenient.

Love that 70’s theme song. Those descending chromatic octaves are definitely awesome. Mike Post (wasn’t that his name?) would dig this one if he heard it.

Mike Post!

I had no idea he had written the Rockford theme (which I had in mind when I did the synth, obviously)!

Look at all this stuff!:

Thanks, Geoff! :agree:

Yeah, guess it was him. I had a vague memory of seeing his name appear all the time during the credits of shows when I was a kid. From your link, looks like “The Greatest American Hero” was the biggie for him. I’ll have to check out that Rockford Files one, I can’t remember it exactly.

My all-time favorite tv theme out there is “Buck Rogers in the 25th century”. It’s just too good for words.

Or maybe it was just Erin Gray in spandex that did it for me and it’s just an associational thing.

Ah, yes…Just listened to the Rockford Files theme. The synth in there is cool, too. I think I can hear the inspiration you’re talking about. I can almost see credits scrolling by and freeze-framed car chases while listening to your tune.

Quote: (TomS @ Jan. 16 2010, 2:31 PM)

Which flubup, exactly?

Do you mean to imply that there is more than one?
:laugh: I keep forgetting that
your an underachiever.
Could you video record some of your class room antics pls?
That stuff would be great!

I do not imply, I state; there is more than one, and they are all intended, to make the rug more valuable, that one imperfection that indicates that is is made by a human and not a machine.

Classroom antics? How do you know about my classroom antics?

I had a great teacher once, in law school. First semester, he wore a bow tie, and we thought he was humorless. Second semester he showed up with a regular tie. Someone asked him where the bow tie went. He replied that he thought that by the second semester we’d be mature enough not to need to be entertained.

My respect for him grew immensely at that moment.


Quote: (TomS @ Jan. 16 2010, 3:44 PM)

(a) I'm too lazy to do so, (b) the music is not worth it, and
© it's more real (for fake stuff) this way.

to speak to (b),

we writers/musicians really do not make for good critiques especially for our own creations, strong bias there, and then there is that nasty thing called "taste", you know something that is developed by what we like and enjoy sonically....

really makes it hard to measure a pieces relative "worth"....

Some of the silliest most off the wall completely slapped together cheezy anthems become classic top sellers!

Kinda funny when you think about it, we spend all that time contemplating the right words to express all our siring profound thoughts arranged with genius patterns of beat and rhythm accompanied by riffs to compliment melodies of the gods to loose out to some ridiculous drunk rambling we scribbled on a napkin in our teens with a beat and melody that matches a nursery rhyme, the next big hit, the average consumer prefers fluff over filet mignon.

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

I for one spend as little time on a song as I can. :)

Quote: (TomS @ Jan. 16 2010, 2:10 PM)

Second - what happens when I get out my Big Muff fuzz box - and pretend to be 16 again - uh - any of you guys know what a "war wagon" is?


Tell me, please, tell me that's you in the picture....hehe, I gotta see a bigger version of that picture, you've just gotta get the jpg uploaded!

I really liked this song, Great Spademan sound, love the laid back guitar sound and 'lazy' vocals, I can't not love a song written about a teenage boy's first ride. :D

Hehe, I bet you got all the girls begging for a lift in that, what with it's skull 'n' all...who could resist?! :whistle:

Well, no, the fellow on the left is one of my best friends from the salad days of youth, Jim, it was his car, lived a few doors down, a heck of a good hockey player and more fun to hang with than pretty much anyone I knew back then.
Nothing like front row tickets to the Outlaws with a cooler full of Miller tall boys when you’re 17.
The fellow with the extended digit is someone else also.
it’s a good thing you can’t see the picture clearly, since (1) it didn’t yet have the cow’s skull on it, and (2) it has rude words about hippies painted on it.
I think Jim got the car from his parents - my first ride was a Pinto.
Green, 25 USA dollars.
Sold it for 100,
:laugh: I should add: somehow girls never found me very interesting. Why would that be? :whistle:

Nice work there Tom
70’s theme… :laugh: Why would you think of something like that? :agree:

War Wagon…yes classic Spademan again. You also sing everything so convincingly…if that makes sense?

All good stuff again.


Hey, it’s easy to say nice things, but ARE YOU GONNA DO THE FAWM THING THIS FEB OR NOT CRAIG?

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I am so mean…


Oh yes my friend.....I'm a man with a plan...something to force me to write them toons :agree: