Nothing serious

Here is something from my attempt to play with a real drummer and bass player last Sunday. The snare track was all distorted, the mic was overloaded, so the drums are just a couple of overheads and the kick. I am sure a whole lot more could be done to fix this, but it’s just an experiment. I overdubbed an extra guitar or two, also. :whistle:

sounds good Tom. Like what mics there are. Bass rocks too. I likes.

Dang-burn heathens…

Sounds good Tom. Got “you” all over it. That’s not a bad thing… :laugh:

Personally, I would like to hear the drums a bit better. Don’t spank me for mentioning it, but you know drum replacement in Reaper is so easy as to be laughable? Pick a snare hit or three and replace. If you want to try it, I’d be happy to assist. All you need are samples. Everything else is built right in…

Nice recording of a good tune. :agree:


Yes, the drums are the main problem - it’s because the snare mic went all SPPTHT when he hit too hard. And I did almost nothing with the kick. Didn’t feel like working too hard on it. S’ok, this was just messing around to see if we were in the ball park. I think we are. And, yes, I know all about that feature in that program. Never really used it much, since I was working with samples to start with, and now that I can get a real drummer, damned if I am going to use samples!!!

's a cracker, Tom. Can’t wait to hear some live stuff.