Again, almost all done with the fine EV 664 - but please, still hold on to your laughter…


Nothing to laugh about that I hear. Laugh with, maybe. I like this song. The opening riff had me thinking early AC/DC, but it quickly went in another direction, ending with that little organ in the background. And I like your vocals out front. On some of your songs, I have a hard time making out the lyrics. Not lately, though. :agree:

ha ha haaaaa haa ahaaahahaaaahahaaa - I’m doing drums for it!

You’re truly back Mr Spademan. I agree with Kevin, great clarity on the vox in this one. You have a very distinctive voice and it shouldn’t be hidden. Love the guitar riff and the keys. Very nice composition and structure to the song too.
Good one Tom! :agree: :agree: :agree:

It’s so nice to have a DSL connection…

Those are all pretty nice tracks going on there…

However, I’d get YAZ to see if he could do a mix session for it…

I the guy who likes to delegate work… :p :laugh:


The is Mr. Spademan at his best!

(the last 2 tunes are very Tom Petty/ Roger McGuinn influenced! And I love it!) :agree: :agree: :agree: :agree: :agree:

great. thermadore style.

Ha! I’ve gone up a full point in the "Wyndorf Scale"

thanks guys - still not playing very well - sense of note placement is very uncertain - but this is sort of therapy… :)