Novice experiencing some problems

Hi everybody,

I am sort of a beginner as far as recording on a computer goes.
I recorded a lot with n-Track back in 05/06 (though I didn’t know what I was doing half the time), but I haven’t since then.
I am trying to get started recording again with some equipment upgrades.
I have a new laptop, a new soundcard (E-MU 1616M PCI Digital Audio System), and a couple new mics.

I hired a guy to install the set up the laptop and install the soundcard for me, then I downloaded and installed n-Track.
However, the vumeter isn’t picking up the mic at all.
I went to help and it told me to make sure the levels were high enough, so I did what it told me to do to find out.
The box that came up for the recording volume was just called “sum” and the bar that you slide up and down to control the volume was grayed out, as was the check button next to mute.
What can I do to fix this so that n-Track will pic up the mic?
By the way, you may need to explain this to me like I’m a complete idiot.
Because I kind of am.

Thanks so much.
I’m really antsy to get started.

EDIT: Sorry, I didn’t mean to post this in the music forum.

You need to read up and play around with the PatchMix application that “controls” your 1616M. There are templates in PatchMix you can use to setup which channels are SENT to your host application(n-Track). You’ll also need to go to Preferences in n-Track and configure n to use the “EMU ASIO” driver for input and output. With that done, follow the n-Track manual about selecting inputs on tracks, arming them to record etc and have fun.

Pop back in with more questions if need be. However, be warned! I have not ran n-Track since V4/V5 so I am somewhat out of the loop on V6. The basics should still be the same though…

Good luck!