Now the Bloody Yanks are Offended

Sorry Willie!

A major conservative American lobby group is set to unleash a campaign of protest against Australian tourism’s “where the bloody #### are you?” TV advertisement.

The controversial commercial has made its US debut in front of 20 million American TV viewers and one influential group was not amused.

The American Family Association (AFA), which has more than two million members and leads campaigns against abortion and gay rights, was upset with the bikini-clad model Lara Bingle’s use of “bloody” and “####” in the ad’s tagline.

AFA members are expected to bombard Tourism Australia with thousands of emails and phone calls in coming weeks to vent their feelings.

Members are also expected to boycott Australia as a holiday destination.

“I just feel pretty sure the typical American family who is watching TV with their children and they’re exposed to this ad are going to be upset,” AFA director of special projects, Randy Sharp, said.

"I don’t want my children to hear that phrase.

"It’s a shocking phrase because we’re not familiar with it.

"I guess they use it all the time in Australia, but it’s a foreign language here so I think it’ll have a negative impact rather than positive."

AFA here:

Who is AFA?
AFA is for people who are tired of cursing the darkness and who are ready to light a bonfire. We are a non-profit (501©(3)) organization founded in 1977 by Don Wildmon. The American Family Association represents and stands for traditional family values, focusing primarily on the influence of television and other media – including pornography – on our society.

AFA believes that the entertainment industry, through its various products, has played a major role in the decline of those values on which our country was founded and which keep a society and its families strong and healthy. For example, over the last 25 years we have seen the entertainment industry “normalize” and glorify premarital sex. During that time we have suffered a dramatic increase in teen pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS and abortion as a means of birth control.

We believe in holding accountable the companies which sponsor programs attacking traditional family values. We also believe in commending those companies which act responsibly regarding programs they support.

AFA supporters receive a monthly letter about a specific issue with a recommended action such as sending a postcard or making a phone call. In addition, supporters receive the AFA Journal with news on various moral and family issues.

Bloody ####!

Plus the Canadians don’t like generic beers……39.html


First it was “bloody”, then it was “####” and now it’s “beer” that’s tripping up an Australian tourism advertising campaign.

The recently launched and now controversial advertisement that concludes with the tagline “where the bloody #### are you?” has now run foul of the Canadian regulator.

But it’s not the tagline that’s the trouble this time as much as the opener: "I’ve bought you a beer."

Tourism Minister Fran Bailey said she had been told by Canadian authorities they could not accept that line.

"We now have the Canadian authorities not wanting us to use the opening segment of ‘I’ve bought you a beer,’ " Ms Bailey said this afternoon.

"The Canadian regulator says that this implies consumption of unbranded alcohol.

"I have to say that I find this quite astonishing."

Ms Bailey clarified that it was not beer consumption itself that was causing the problem for the Canadians but the fact the beer was unbranded.

“That’s some sort of quirky Canadian regulation,” she said.

Ms Bailey said the regulator was not troubled by the ad’s closing tagline which they found “warm and friendly and inviting”.

The Poms had an issue with “bloody” too…

I saw a pisstake on that add last night “Get your ****ing arse over here!”



“I just feel pretty sure the typical American family who is watching TV with their children and they’re exposed to this ad are going to be upset,” AFA director of special projects, Randy Sharp, said.

I doubt any self respecting member of the AFA would even let their kids near the television and all of the evil and propaganda that it dispenses…



The Poms had an issue with “bloody” too…

Happily, we’ve bloody well seen sense Willy.


Its times like this that I have to say : I’m sorry, but I have difficulty hearing you over all the voices in my head shouting ‘what the f**k was that ?!?!’

:p :D :D

That is just plain weird… (Funny, but weird)

And the issue with an unbranded Beer ? I mean WTF ?

Here in SA (I assume like in Aus as well) we haven’t caught on to brand names as much as the US and Canada, so things are quite generic. We talk about a beer as apposed to the brandname of it, we do vacuuming instead of hoovering, we use ‘plasters’ and not ‘band-aids’ etc.
It’s only recently that people started using brand names to describe certain things. One of the earlierst brandnames that we started using over here (and one of the few we do use) was ‘walkman’.

But to be offended by a generic beer ?



Wich brings me to another question…

The ‘F’ word.

I mean, if you look at ‘protecting children’, you use ‘the ‘F’ word or somthing like freakin’ (or like in BSG) the word ‘Frack’.

Now isn’t the problem what the word is, rather than the word itself ?

If I’m talking to you, and I say ‘The F word’ - what leaves my lips is just that, but what enters your brain is actually the word ‘####’… Doesn’t that mean that I can just as well say the word out loud anyway, as you are perceiving it just as I mean it ?

So shouldn’t the AFA have their nickers in a knot about that as well ?

This brings me back to the tiff that Mac had with Ali over at AM… If a Scotsman talks about his children as ‘the wee bastards’, I fully understand that he can (and does) mean that as an affectionate phrase, but over in the US it isn’t by default that way (although it could be). It’s all in context.

I think a add about a auzzi going ‘bloody he11’ is within the context a very good way to make an add.
I’m also surprised that the add didn’t start with " G’day mate, I brought you a beer".

Bloody he11…

(sorry for going on like this)

yeah, talk about hyper-sensitivity. I haven’t seen the original ad but I’ve seen the pisstake Willy referred to (a bloody classic).

I guess Aussies just assume that their colorful adaptation of the mother tongue is acceptable everywhere. Me and the wife have found out the hard way that ain’t the case, numerous times, particularly right here on the buckle of the bible belt !

Boycott Australia as a vacation destination? So the 5 people in this organization were going to skip Branson this year and go to Australia instead? But now because of dirty words they are not going to Australia anymore? Poor, poor Australia. rolls eyes Why not visit the moon or the mojave desert? No dirty words out there…

Also, never let the child in the grocery store as a guy stocking the shelves might drop a case of pickles on his foot and say a nasty word. Then you’ll have to boycott food!shudder

Hrm, how about they publically boycott Thailand instead… they have a few more problems than dirty words in their tourist industry.

Quote (Wihan Stemmet @ Mar. 24 2006,05:04)
And the issue with an unbranded Beer ? I mean WTF ?

I don’t get that one either, and I live in Canada.

In fact, The CBC shows an animated Kid’s show called “Chilly Beach” that constantly makes reference to ‘unbranded beer’. I guess our regulators have one set of rules for locals and another set of rules "…fer them dern foreigners."

EDIT - On second thought, maybe the Canuck regulators weren’t so much objecting to the ‘unbranded’ part as they were to the misrepresentation that the stuff they drink in Australia is actually ‘beer’. Like Fosters - Australian for pi$$.
Sorry Willy - little jab - I couldn’t resist. - EDIT

A nice book on words like bloody, ####, and ####, and such, by an Australian linguist:…ng=UTF8

"Expletive Deleted" by Ruth Wajnryb


I seriously doubt you’ll find an Aussie who objects to your Fosters remark. I never met anyone in Oz who actually drinks it. There are plenty better oz beers around than that.

If I were to take offense however, I’d have to point out that the Fosters you see over here in North America, is a completely different brew than the local one, and guess where it’s brewed…

Toronto !


Quote (kymarcus @ Mar. 24 2006,12:03)
…I’d have to point out that the Fosters you see over here in North America, is a completely different brew than the local one, and guess where it’s brewed…

Toronto !


That explains a lot - really.

Several years ago - when I lived in Toronto - my shift went to a local ‘watering hole’ that was having a Wings Night hosted by Fosters and they were giving away pitchers of Fosters Draught as a promotion. (Laws have changed now and you can no longer do that but back then you could.)

I ordered some wings and a free pitcher and found that I couldn’t drink the stuff - not even when it was free. Have you ever accidentally taken a swig of beer from a bottle that someone threw a cig butt into? That’s what this stuff tasted like. I actually ordered and paid for a pitcher of another brand and for someone as cheap as I am that’s saying a lot.

Quote (Bubbagump @ Mar. 24 2006,10:09)
Boycott Australia as a vacation destination? So the 5 people in this organization were going to skip Branson this year and go to Australia instead?

Y’ know, thats what scares the crap outa me. If I never finally make the breakthru and make it big then I’ll die poor.
If I do make the breakthru then in 30 years time I’ll be performing in Branson. And I don’t know which is worse. :D

Just saw the ad. It amazes me that anyone would pay any attention to this ad nuch less complain about it. It confirms my assumption that some people need to get jobs where they actually have to work. You see, if they actually did some work sometimes, they wouldn’t have time to complain about nothing. :angry:

Bill, you can’t even get Fosters on tap in most pubs here.
Only ones that do are usually the tourist type bars.

I’m not even sure you can buy cases of the stuff… haven’t noticed it at the bottle shops I go to…
About 10 years ago it was only old folk that drank it.
Even now they’ve moved on to different beers.

“Fosters Lager” is more just a brand name (used for sponsorship and to flog beer overseas).
The Fosters Group actually own a sh*tload of other brands. They bought out Carlton United Brewery, Cascade, and also have a lot of wine and spirit brands.

The Carlton United and Cascade brand beers are a lot more popular in Oz and probably where they get most of their $$$ from here.

VB (one of the Carlton United beers) is the major sponsor of the Cricket, V8 supercars and I think some footy here.
The “Fosters” brand (blue logo thing) doesn’t sponsor anything locally or have any prescence except for international events like the Grand Prix.

Some good Australian beers for you to try…
Little Creatures
Mountain Goat
James Squires
James Boags

Fosters is ok to clean the BBQ with though…


Why the h*ll would anybody name a decent quality beer Mountain Goat ? Gives me all kinds of strange assosiations :laugh:

I dunno Rich, we Canucks are awfully touchy on the subject of beer.

After all, we only have two things that we take pride in - our beer and our hockey players. (And we still have a long way to go apologizing to the rest of the world for Celine Dion.)

My wife traveled in Oz for a year and she assures me that Aussie Beer can’t be judged by Fosters - I was glad to hear that.

For now, I think I’ll stick with my home-brew stuff (which is actually ale, but that’s splitting hairs).

Mountain Goat’s Hightail Ale is actually my favourite Australian beer. (Fave beer in the world would probably be Chimay Blue, or maybe Rochefort 10, or maybe Westmalle Triple… so many good Belgian beers…)

Hey Bill, I homebrew too!
I just do ales too as I don’t have the setup to do lagers (Well I have done some lager kits but didn’t ferment them at lager temps or lager them :))

What type of brews do you do? I just do kits and bits. Simple stuff that gets a decent (enough for me) result.

Fave brews at the moment are a choc porter and a ginger beer (great in summer).
I do have a belgian ale which has been in the bottle a year now and tasting real nice, but at 9% it isn’t exactly a session beer :)