.wav files have changed to .npk

Hi everyone…I just upgraded to the latest version and I’m not sure if my problem is related to that or not but here it is. All of my wave files now have an .npk file designation after them and when I open Ntrack it says it can’t open this type of file. I know that’s not much info to work with but not sure what happened. I also had downloaded asio4all on someones recommendation and then removed it so not sure if that may have effected something. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you got a bunch of .npk files on your drive, somewhere, you should have the .wav files as well… That’s what I would think, anyway… keep looking, they gotta be there somewhere…


The .npk files are created by n_track when you open the sound file ( like a .wav file) They contain information about the file that N used internally and are created new when files are changed. If you have the .npk files it means that at some point the wave file existed and were viewable/usable. The file name that opens a saved n_Track file would have an extension of .sng ( the last three characters after the dot is the extension.) You could use Windows Explorer to do a search for *.sng files and/or *.wav file. So, if you go to menu File > Open and look around in your folders for the .sng files.
Have you tried opening the sound files using the name of the .npk file without the extension (.npk)? For instance of Mymusicfile.npk open it by asking ntrack to File Import Mymusicfile.

Thanks guys for your response, found the wavs. For some reason all the icons changed and I don’t remember ever seeing .npk files before but now I have both. All is fine for now…thanks again!