NTD pattern BUG

velocity change on repeats

when you drag a pattern from NTD to the timeline, then open the piano roll and alter the velocity levels, then go back to the timeline and drag repeat the pattern, on playback the velocity levels you set are ignored (returns to default value) when the timeline goes into the first repeat pattern -

i think the default velocity level for NTD is 100 (127 is maximum velocity)- so if you lower the velocity it will increase on the first repeat and if you increase the velocity it will de decrease on the first repeat -


I wasn’t able to reprodce the problem. Could it be that you had both the n-Track MIDI track and the NTD patterns both playing at the same time? If you drag a pattern to a MIDI track you should then typically clear the patterns inside NTD, otherwise NTD will receive note triggers from both the MIDI tracks and the internal pattern sequencer. You can either click on the On/Off button in the lower left corner of NTD (to disable the internal sequencer but still show the patters so that you’ll be able to drag them to build the MIDI track) or by clearing the pattern right clicking on the pattern letter in the upper right part of the NTD window and selecting “Clear” from the popup menu.

If this wasn’t the problem, does the piano-roll for the MIDI parts that you have created by extending the MIDI part show the velocity as you modified it in the 1st track? I’ve tried editing the velocity on the initial part and it was correctly applied to the parts created when extending the 1st.

Or maybe you first extended the part, created say 3 repetitions, then edited the 1st part velocity and you expected the edit to be applied to the other two parts?
Currently the parts created by extending the 1st are independent and need to be edited separately. You can instead create linked (i.e. “Ghost”) parts by right clicking on a MIDI part and selecting “Create Ghost part” from the popup menu.