nTrack 3.0 and Waves plugin

I still use 3.0 and want to use Waves

Is there any hope of getting the Waves 9.0 Gold Bundle to work with 3.0?

I realize this is an old version, but I have many, many song files built with 3.0. I stuck with it for a long time because it would emit MTC clock and my Fostex VF16 would sync to that and subsequent versions did not ( I think I tried 4.x and 5.x and had no luck with them ).

The Waves install completed; I can run GTR 3.5 so the licensing appears to be in order. I just don’t know what to drag to the Vstplugins directory to make them work. A link to a procedure from here or the Waves website would be great.

I’d check with n_Track support both on the MTC clock and the Waves plugin. I suspect the newer versions will do them correctly - don’t know about 3 ( although I did like the simplicity of 3).

Thanks - the VF16 is as dead as a hammer ( as of last year ) and there was a free plugin that would manage MTC that would work - at this point, it’s inertia driving the desire to stay with 3.0.