ntrack 3.1.7 + asio

Maybe someone can help me out here.

I recently moved back to 3.1.7 because, if you remember the thread i posted just a few days ago, the new interface bugs me - however, thats not the problem this time.

Ive got an audiophile 24/96 and when I record using ASIO drivers the track will record, but the time wont show up, it just sits at zero till i hit stop, at which time it will display the appropriate time recorded, and everything records fine.

When im using standard WDM drivers, the time counts up fine recording the first track - and heres the weird part - once i record a track with ASIO, the time will run up and display fine, until it passes all the other tracks timewise, then it will stop.

again, it records just fine, it just wont display current time while recording, weird eh?

Which version were you using before? Did it ever work properly?

I remember there were some bugs in some of the 3 versions with ASIO and delta cards. Definitely worked fine by the final v3 version though. The last build of 3 was far and away the best for me bug and stability wise. (I have a Delta 44).


I was just about to make a post relating to Asio drivers and I also use the Audiophile delta 24/96 soundcard.

I a lot of people have had problems with cpu usage in n-track and although Flavio has sorted out several problems in this area (eg the spectrum display), I still run out of cpu earlier than I’d like. Obviously freezing and other techniques are useful but I was still looking for a little extra cpu.

Looking through Computer Music magazine yesterday I saw reference to a freeware program called “Asio4all” to be found at asio4all.com. It’s small asio driver that should work in most situations. It comes with an installer and is then selectable in the usual way in n-track via “preferences>audio devices”.

I tried this with my previous project that had hit the cpu ceiling and was popping and clicking. I was amazed to see that the highest cpu usage was now only 60%, no funny noises and no apparent latency problems.

Perhaps others would like to try it to see if it could be useful for many of us.


I’ve found the more recent builds of v4 to be WAY more CPU intensive than n ever used to be.