ntrack 3.3 uninstall!

does not work


i cannot uninstall ntack 3.3! windows tells me :
…\uninst.isu is not valid or coruppted…

uninstall stops!

any ideas?

Try re-installing n-Track - and then uninstall it again, should work.

no! does not work!!

Did you re-install n-track into the same directory as the original installation?
Try finding the ‘Uninst.isu’ file related to N (be sure to check subfolders), delete it and then re-install into the original n-Track directory, then uninstall.

Also - if this doesnt work…
I have heard that a program called SystemLifeguard is particularly helpful when this problem persists and the reinstallation method doesnt work, you can download a time limited trial of it here -

Shareware.com - System Lifeguard

It helps with the uninstallation of programs, i havent used it myself though so i cant vouch for it personally.


thanks jow,

deleting file and reinstallation worked!

Glad its sorted