Ntrack 4.0.5 1841 killing XP Pro

Shutting down ntracl kills my workstatin

I’ve been using ntrack for years but am running into something that’s killing me (and my workstation) right now. Every time I shut down ntrack (4.0.5 Build 1841) from an existing song it clears all the track info, shows "New Song
where it used to show the song title, them locks up my PC (no mouse, no kbd, no matter how long I wait). I have to hot reboot my PC. What’s changed? Hmmm… the only thing I can think of is when I tried to render a MIDI file I changed the Windows Recording dialog from Outputs #1 and #2 to all outputs. I’ll check that, but does anyone else have any ideas? XP SP1. Thanks,

I use v4.0.5 build 1846 and find that super stable for me… [edit] on a P4 2.6 with 1 Gig RAM with XP Pro) [/edit]

It will crash if I have channels in the mixer assigned to a soundcard output and then disable those outputs without first re-assigning the channels to a valid output.
eg. if I have all 8 outputs of my soundcard enabled and assign some channels to outputs 5&6 and then disable all outputs except outputs 1&2 if I press play or open a song with channels assigned to outputs that aren’t enabled it will crash.
Not sure about closing n-Track though… (I’m at work at the mo)

My solution is just to start n with no song loaded, enable all outputs and then load the song I want and then re-assign the outputs to 1&2 and then disable the soundcard outputs.

Not sure if that is related to your midi outputs issue…


Thanks Rich! Yeah, I think it’s a similar issue. I have to wander around and see what i’ve changed in the last week. I’m also going to test my HDD for problems… Thanks!

I know it’s always said (So here I am saying it, since nobody else has yet :D ) Have you uninstalled N and reinstalled it? I have done that a few times with good results, but it certainly isn’t a “one-fix for all” solution. Hasn’t fixed my current crashes.


Hi, thanks for the response. I’m at the point where I’ve tried 1000 things… I ended up formatting a new drive and starting from scratch. Now I’m at the point of choosing which Build to install and I’m thinking 1846 with .NET 1.1… as fast and furious as Flavio is making new Builds (to the detriment of responding to my support plea for help) you have to wonder if he isn’t a little chagrined at having taken the leap of faith into .NET. Personally I wish he had two paths he followed… the old non .NET version and the .NET version. But for a single developer that’s a hard thing to do.

I haven’t read a whole lot on the subject, but I get the impression that once Windows Vista ships, .NET’s going to start becoming just a fact of life for more and more Windows developers if it hasn’t already, so maybe Flavio’s decided to jump in sooner rather than later? Or maybe the .NET coding is just a carry-over from his day job? (Sorry, I just can’t imagine how he could make a living solely off a program he charges so little for! :) ) And I bet we’ll see a lot of the other DAW software guys start giving in to .NET, too (maybe some are using it now? I don’t know.). Just my two whatevers… :)


To make a long story short… I went whole hog and installed Build 2039 and .NET 2. I had to uninstall the .NET Beta 2 I had installed earlier which I BELIEVE was required by an earlier version of ntrack. So… word of warning if I am right… if you are upgrading from an earlier version of ntrack that required .NET 2 you will have to update ntrack and .NET. What got me chuckling is after I installed the new .NET version and before I installed ntrack, Microsoft pop-up’s asked me if I wanted to check for a newer version of .NET… quasi-dilemna. Do I or don’t I? I choose “No” thinking that is what ntrack would want. Hope I’m right.

Anyway, I can’t use my Asio drivers with this version of ntrack. Everytime I try ntrack hangs chugging up CPU time with no possibility of breaking in so I have to do a hot reboot. Not a good thing. So I chose the WDM drivers.

Loaded a song I did in Build 1841. In fairness, I was having trouble with this song in build 1841 as well… whe I closed th song, ntrack hung. Well, with this new version Ntrack pops up an exception at load time, continues, but doesn’t load the song. Ok, so I figure that song is toast and I’ll have to redo it which sucks because that one was THIS close to production. Ntrack was reponsible for this song from end-to-end so I’m not happy about that. BTW, I emailed the exception to Flavio but I haven’t heard back from him on previous submissions so I don’t know if I’ll hear back from him on this one either.

Tweaked everything I could think of in XP, and I do I.T. for a living. Took 98% of the suggestions at musicxp.net (nice site). Drive is a Seagate SATA ST3160827AS 160GB which has decent performance (middle of the pack at TomsHardware), running on a 3.4 Ghz Hyperthreaded CPU in a D865PERL motherboard with 1GB RAM… hardware should NOT be a problem. Yet when I load a song with 6 tracks which previous versions of ntrack yawned at now I get underrun buffer errors on playback. Also, there is minimally a 1/4 second delay between the time I press the Play or Stop button and ntrack’s response. Anybody know what’s up with that?

Thanks for any replies.


Ok, I’m getting some of my own answers here! Making some progress. I can FINALLY record with ntrack at 24 bit and 96 Khz… never could do that with Build 1841 and the old drivers for the WamiRack 192X. Can’t tell if there is a significant improvement in audio quality, but at least it’s not crashing. Still using the WDM drivers, however, instead of ASIO.

Also, I think I’ve cured at least some of the problems with ntrack responding slowly to Plaay and Stop buttons. In Preferences–>Options I unchecked using the System timer for Playback and Recording. DSP Priority is set to 3… anyone know if that’s correct? Program Priority is Highest. Multo-threaded audio is unchecked… should it be checked Hyperthreaded CPU)? On MIDI< timer to use is set to Wave. And in Midi ECHO I have chosen No MIDI Echo for now.

Any suggestions for “best practices” with this version (or similar) of ntrack?