nTrack 4 eroding resources during playback

Only when waveform has a selected part

I have isolated a Windows 98SE resource leak problem with nTrack 4. Would other users of nTrack please try this test?

1. Launch Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Resource Meter so you can monitor system resources. This measurement involves the lowest part of memory only, not CPU load or total RAM usage. Users of other than Win 98 would skip this step.

2. Open nTrack 4. (I have 4.0.1, build 1702)

3. Record a short wave file about 1 minute long (I recorded a stereo track).

4. Play back the file and watch the Resource Meter. It stays constant. Stop playback.

5. Now, simply select a portion of the waveform using the mouse selection button on the toolbar, then play back the file and watch the Resource Meter. It begins dropping and will continue to do so until the system runs out of resources.

6. Stop playback. Drag the left edge of the selected part of the waveform over on top of the right edge to effectively get rid of the selection. Play the file and the resources no longer go down during playback.

It appears that any time a portion of a waveform is selected, nTrack uses up resources in Windows 98SE.

Do you see the same problem? Is this only a problem with Windows 98, or are other operating systems having problems when a portion of the waveform is selected?

Please run the test and post your results.


Flavio has just posted a new build, 1703, of nTrack that fixes the Windows 9x/ME resource problem I reported. Please upgrade.

Many thanks to Flavio for the quick fix. I am evaluating nTrack as a replacement for PowerTracks (I almost exclusively do audio, very little MIDI) and getting a quick turnaround for a bug report goes a long way in adding to my comfort level in adopting a new program.

Hey thanks for the info.
I’ve been using Ntrack for 5years now, and just figured my computer sucked!