NTrack 5 Still Crashing

My copy of vs. 5 has started trying to reinstall itself when clicking on the startup link on my desktop. I’m installing the latest updates right now and hope that this issue is resolved by that update. This is the same thing that every release of vs 4 did as well on my computer after a while.

V4 and V5 installs keep track of the installed files. If any of the files it installs are deleted or changed then the setup is retriggered to restore the files. It’s possible a file isn’t getting saved properly during the setup, or something else is overwriting one later. I’m not sure what will happen if the setup is run if you aren’t an administrator, but not being an administrator can prevent some files from being saved where they need to be. Some apps won’t even run.

I have this problem with version 4 and some of the other programs on my computer - so, it is not just Ntrack. At least not on my machine.
If anyone knows a fix I would like to hear it. the programs run, but they try to install first. MS Word installs everytime and then runs.

Does this have to do with a location of the install file?

Or does it have to do with “Autorun”? I seem to remember having an issue like this, but danged if I can remember what it was- I’ll see if I can talk to the guy who has may machine (yeah, still…) and maybe he’ll know. If I get it I’ll post tonight.