ntrack 6 and Vsti

Can’t hear Vsti


Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Has anyone here ever used Hypersonic 2 with nTrack 6? If so, can you tell me how you managed to get ntrack to recognize midi notes from your midi controller when using Hypersonic 2? I have been using Hypersonic 2 with ntrack since ntrack 4 but am unable to use it with ntrack 6.

For those unfamiliar with Hypersonic 2, it is a Vsti that works just like DaHornet vsti which comes with ntrack. In past versions of ntrack I was able to place the Hypersoni DLL in the vst plugins folder of ntrack and doing so was enough to be able to evoke it from ntrack. I have not been able to use Hypersonic since version 6 and am wondering if there are new settings I need to enable.

If you are unfamiliar with Hypersonic, can someone suggest another Vsti sound library like Hypersonic that you know works well with ntrack 6?


You have had no problems with other VSTi? Or is it that you can’t get any VSTi to make noises?

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Not familiar with Hypersonic 2 but I have been dabbling with VST’s of late and I think thatthe VST folder has changed in v6 from what it was in v4. You can tackle this in 2 ways (or maybe more): reload Hypersonic 2 and make sure in goes to program files/n-track/vsti-plugins rather than program files/FASOFT/vsti-plugins (I’m working from memory here ??? ). Or bring up the Preferences (Ctrl P) and look at the bottom item on the list and I think it is in there where you can check and change the VSTi intrument folder (I’m on limited memory now ??? ??? ). Hope that helps