nTrack 64 bit...

or stick with 32bit…?

Hey guys. Wonder whether any of you geniuses, can shed a little light on an issue that I’m likely to come up against in the next couple of months.

I’m likely to be installing the 64bit version of Windows 7 on my main PC shortly. My question is this: After reading about 64bit nTrack, I see that it only supports 64bit plugins. Now, I only really have the ntrack plugins and the freebie Classic plugs, but I’m assuming there is no 64bit version of the Classic plugins? I can’t see no mention on the website. Otherwise, can I still keep running the 32bit version of ntrack on a 64 bit machine, or is that a stupid suggestion? If so, what’s the advantage of 64bit ntrack over the 32bit version? I know I could probably trawl through Google for answers, but it’ll take days, and I have a headache :slight_smile: Thought I’d ask the guys who have a better chance of knowing…

Later, Daz

As far as I know, an app compiled for 64 OS and modern processors can take better advantage of the wider data buss architecture. A 64 bit OS can also address a MUCH larger block of memory. For example with XP 32 bit the largest usable block of memory XP 32 can “see” is approximately 3 GB.

What does that mean in real world use to a guy running a DAW app? Well… the 64 bit might offer enhanced performance due to the wider, more efficient data buss(es). If you use virtual instruments such as samplers that need to load samples into RAM you obviously will be able to install more usable RAM that will enable more or larger samples to be in RAM versus streamed from disk. That usually means more voices can play simultaneously and/or more sample layers can be loaded for more realistic articulations.

There may be more advantages to 64 bit. I dunno… I’m still on XP Pro 32 bit and probably will be for some time to come. I like my cheap/free plugins that do not have 64 bit versions yet. I want to upgrade my DAW PC soon but it’ll be a while…


Cool D , thanks for the reply. I was aware of the memory limit. I think for Vista it’s 4GB. Anything over that, and the OS just won’t see it. Anyone know whether or not the 32bit version of N will run on a 64OS?



Anyone know whether or not the 32bit version of N will run on a 64OS?

Yep. I do believe n-Tracker 'Yaz' runs that way with no problems. Maybe he will chime in soon. He's probably paintin' or mowing grass. That Mrs. Yaz is a real slave driver... :laugh:


I suspect they will have wrappers for the the 32-bit plugs shortly. I know certain programs provide wrappers already. I believe R has one already.

Yes the 32bit app of n works great with 64 bit OS, (Vista here)
You can do a search for vst wrappers, there’s one I know of over at KVR forum.
You’ll have to search the plug in database and check show windows 64bit only box.

KVR 64bit plugs

jbridge is the one I’m thinking of, it’s like $15 US or so.
There’s some free 64bit stuff on those pages also Daz. And some not so free!

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Uh oh D......Mrs. Yaz saw yer post!

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Hey guys, thanks a lot for the answers. been a great help!