Ntrack and "keep audio devise open"

I am using AISO drivers. I want to uncheck the “keep audio devise open” in the audio devises Advanced window. It will not stay unchecked. I click ok and exit and when I open again. the box is checked.
Is is something I am cdoing wrong?
My problem is that I am using PowerTracks and playing audio and midi in that program. It all works if I run PT first. If I have been working with Ntrack and a midi file and tehn go to Powertrack, the file shows that it is playing, but no sound reaches the Layla sound card. I am thinking this is because Ntrack did not release the drivers even though the program is closed.
Any advise?

ASIO by design stays open. That’s my understanding. If you need to use multiple apps at the same time then I think you’re going to have to not use ASIO at that time.

I use ASIO for n-Track and WDM for Cool edit Pro.

Lets me edit wav files whilst still having N open


ASIO by design stays open

I don’t think so.
I can use the same ASIO driver that n-Track uses with another app, as long as I’m not actually playing back/recording in n-Track at the same moment.
This is with “keep devices open” checked (indeed: no choice here).
So this makes me wonder what “keep devices open” means here anyway?

Win 95/98 (maybe even ME) will not allow multiple access to the driver.
De-selecting “keep devices open” allows whatever program that has focus control of the driver.
XP doesn’t seem to care.

For some ASIO drivers, the “keep devices open” is required and forced – n-Track has no choice in the matter. Therefore, the above seemingly contradictory posts are both correct: with some ASIO drivers, you can use this checkbox, but with others, you can’t. I don’t know which drivers are on which list.

Try WDM rather than ASIO and maybe that will work, with “keep devices open” unchecked.