ntrack compatibility

Hello, I am a total “newbie” to computer recording after owning an Akai MG614 for many years. I recently purchased a Lexicon Omega USB interface which came with Cubase LE software and I am completely overwhelmed by the complexity of the software. Someone reccomended the Ntrack to me and I wanted to double check with other users as to compatibility with my Lexicon and ease of use comparative to the Cubase LE. I normally record rhythm acoustic guitar and lead vocal simultaneously and then add harmonies and additional guitar and mandolin parts only…I don’t need anything too elaborate for this…any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

try it with the demo and see if it works for you. There are so many factors that affect compatibility…

From what I have read of Omega, you shouldn’t have any trouble with N. One thing, once you start using N, you won’t want to change. It’s a great software. Great to learn basic recording and mixing, great to push it to it’s limits. There is a lot to learn on any software. Take time to learn it…it is like an instrument. One day at a time!