nTrack Crash Question - AntiVirus Software?

So after all my ranting and raving in other posts that everything is running fine, it seems that now n-Track will not run for 10 minutes without crashing … I even tried the newer versions to see if maybe going back the 4.x would help (I reverted back to 3.3 not too long ago because 4.x was crashing all over the place).

I have emailed details and Event Log errors to Flavio hoping he can shed some light on this…

… but then I got to thinking. Have any of you had problems with n-Track because of Anti Virus software? I am running AntiVIR - a recent addition to my computer - and am starting to realise that the sudden crashes began after I installed and updated this AV program.

If anyone has had problems with AV software wreaking havoc with n-Track please let me know …

I’d try uninstalling it tonight, but sleep calls and I’m too frustrated to sit infron of my computer anymore tonight.

Thanks in advance for any input.


Mine runs fine with norton working in the background.

When I was hunting for a 24bit soundcard I did notice quite a few manufacturers warning of incomplete driver installation problems with anti-virus programs enabled.