ntrack crash

I opened a audio track and n crashed…I tried to reopen it, and i got a window that said something like make sure that your frequences are the same but it wont let n open?


The frequency dialog is warning that you are attempting to insert a wave file of one sample rate into a song that has the n-Tracks config set to a different sample rate. All waves in a song must be the same sample rate. Most songs will be in 44.1k or 48k. Check to format of the waves you are trying to import. To open them they will need to be converted to 44.1k or 48k.

The crash could be related, but I could be wrong. There’s obviously a bug in there somewhere. Does it repro?

I wasnt importing anything but thats the warning allright.when it dose it i can restart my pc and it seems to go away at least for a while…


Ah…that sort of points to n-tracks config file corruption - even though the sample rates and all look OK they might be set to something else. It might not be that but it could be. See if resetting the defaults in the preferences does any good. After resetting them you’ll have to go back and set it all up the way you normally would. Resetting can sometimes fix odd stuff like this. That said it might not fix a thing. :)