NTrack Drums Problem

Not working any more :frowning:


I can’t get NTrack Drums working. They were working OK, but I think the problem started when I downloaded the extra kits available from the N website. Although I can seemingly load the kits and play back on the pads, as soon as I try to sequence the drum patterns in ‘Steps’, the system either makes one buzzy noise or freezes (have to restart the PC to get out of it).

I have tried changing my ASIO drivers and have re-installed NTrack v6 X64 bit.

Any ideas?

Spit the extras kits out, one by one. Then throw the gremlin down a drain.

Do you think it is one of the kits then?

I was sort of hoping that the kits wouldn’t have any issues given that I downloaded from the N Track site

It’s gotta be a probable. You don’t need to lose anything permanently to eliminate the culprit.