nTrack Drums

accompany recording real time possible?

Sorry to be so new to this. I am trying to make it simple and record just a kick drum as an additional track but don’t now how or even if possible. The closest I have got is to “add a new track/audio” and add the nT drums as a VST effect. I can click themouse and get sound while selecting the track to record but nothing from the recording Vu or on the track playback.

Do you have the recording mode selected to MIDI?

The track was created as audio (not midi), and was hoping that the wav sample would record as audio wave. Is there a site or other document that I can read to understand Vst?

Just tried both audio and midi record modes for bth midi and audio tracks. Maybe I’m expecting the impossible. I have not connected my midi musical keyboard to this computer and am trying to send kick by pressing mouse to nT drum pad. The Vu works and sound is heard so I thought it may workfrom mouse?

When you use N-Track drums, the sounds will be saved as a midi file that you could mix down into an audio file.

I guess you could route the audio output back into an audio input on your card.

There might be some better suggestions out there.


Ok, it sounds as though there is some confusion going on here. Let’s see if we can sort it out. :) First, make sure you understand what midi actually is. If you need a bit of an introduction, check out this page from the n-track wiki.

Anyway, n-Drums is actually a VSTi (the “i” standing for Instrument, as in a midi instrument. Check out the previous link for more explanation on that). Because of this, you need midi information running to the drums. Luckily, you have a midi editor built into n-Track.

Now, if you’ve already recorded your other tracks, you’re gonna be in trouble. You need to establish the time with the midi track. Given this is what you are doing, then what you need to do is this:

1) Right click where there are no tracks and insert a blank midi track.

2) Right click on the track and select properties. where it says “track number” select “10.” This is the designated track for percussion. click "ok."

3) Click on the piano icon from the toolbar. This will open the midi editor. If you have changed the track number to “10,” then each row of cells should be labeled by percussive instrument.

4) Choose the note editor/creator tool and click the notes you want the drum to hit.

5) Change the view back to timeline. Go to track->midi-> insert new midi intrument. Select n-Drums from the dropdown list.

6) go back to the midi track. Right click on the track and select output to-> and click on n-Drums. viola! a drum track! yay!

This is fairly straightforward and easy to do. however, this may not solve your problem. If you have a track to which you are attempting to add drums, then your task is more difficult. There is almost no way to rig the system to record the output of simply clicking the “pads” on the instrument itself. The program simply doesn’t work that way. To do it would require at least a soundcard with multiple outputs (like a high-end soundblaster), and probobly cables and maybe even a second soundcard to get it to work. and then you might end up with latency issues (the track not playing back at the same speed as everything else). This would be very difficult, at least. The only way to get it to work, I guess, would be if you had a midi controller device (like a keyboard with midi outputs) and a midi input device on your soundcard (some have them built in, and others have midi capability. I have a little usb thing by Uno). you’d then use your keyboard to record the midi notes rather than editing them using the piano-roll. even then, you’d be hard-pressed to fix any errors made while playing. Though, if you had a keyboard, you could simply record the sound of yourself hitting the drum sound on the keyboard and fix the poor sound in post.