ntrack EQ problem - crazy noise!!!

never had this happen before, but lately, using version 4, couple of builds ago - when I add the third or fourth n-track EQ a horrible loud clicking noise takes over everything. If I shut down, restart, and reopen the song, its OK, but if I try to add the EQ again it goes beserk. I can add other effects, like a Waves EQ that eats way more processor, and it works OK. I always thought the built-in ntrack EQ was less processor intensive so I like to use it, but lately it is way too much trouble. I really screwed up over the weekend and saved a sng file after the horrible noise started, then reopened the sng and the noise would not go away, even after removing all DX effects and all EQs being put back to flat. Once the evil noise got its way into the song file, it seemed to be invincible. Anybody had this happen?? anybody figured out how to fix it???
i’m running win xp on a PIV, 1.8 GHz, 1 gig RAM, MOTU 2408 and 1224.

Sounds like a file corruption to me, bud. I’d be uninstalling / reinstalling N. And i’d definately be DLing the newest build.