nTrack got my PC stuck

nTrack got my PC completely stuck

I’ve been working for the last three years with the Creative SB Audigy2 zs Platinum Pro. I’m using the Creative SoundFont Bank Manager for putting in my SF2 based MIDI tracks. All of the sudden my nTrack got my PC completely stuck (Ctrl+Alt+Delete was useless). It happened when working with the nTrack together with the Creative SoundFont Bank Manager open (as I do for the past couple of years). It usually happened when pressing the ‘Properties’ nTrack top tool bar button. I need you advice urgently.

Thanks - Holy.

are you using VIENNA or the old editor ? -

have you tried resetting N to default in prefs, the rebuild new prefs and see if it makes a difference -

Dr J

Hey Dr. J,

I’m not using the Vienna. I’m working with the nTrack and making use of the Sonic Implants (SonyVOX) SF banks. I’ll try to reset it to default, hoping it won’t get me ‘fly high’.


Hi Gents:
I hope I don’t over-step my non-knowledge, here… I have this P-111 with 512 meg. of ram… It’s just on the bottom edge of not enough computer for doing anything related to music…

Sometimes my computer will sit there and “balk” at the commands I give it, cause I don’t have the speed/ram/processor, and all, to complete the task(s) I’m doing… Nothing is wrong with the computer, it just takes a while to compile the commands and process the request… At times, when I feel that I can’t wait for this to compile, I’ll press Cont/Alt/Delete only to stop the process… After that you’ve , well ME, I have lost the “Float-Point” resolve to the command and I think my computer is screwed up…

Sometimes, by accident, I’ll be doing more than one task at-a-time and my P-111 will lock-up… When I discover I’ve over-stepped my bounds I’ll step back and slow down and think about this P-111 I have and how nice I’ve been treating it… and just do a re-boot and try to remember what I was last doing…

If you want your rendering/resolving tasks to work perfectly, fast and without any issues, just go and spend a bunch of your hard-earned money and buy a new puter… Sometimes, they don’t work as good till you spend a bunch more money on it till you get the things that wouldn’t work at all on IT…


Win 2K, P111 - 256meg ram, Creatives VIENNA SF2 editor

i could not find the program you use on my Creative installation disks, Vienna may have replaced it as Creatives soundfont manager/editor -

today downloaded ‘Tabla drum font’ from the Sonic Implants website, played the font REALLY HARD AND FAST for about 30secs then Windows froze - i have found that quite a few fonts either freeze Windows - some fonts freeze Windows before Vienna has loaded them, some play for a few minutes, others freeze up on playing first note - sometimes windows goes to a black screen and resets for no apparent reason -

the irony here is that HOME MADE soundfonts that you can download, which are un-ueable due to being full of pops and crackels actually play OK no matter how hard you push them - the professional ones all seem to freeze Windows when they are pushed hard, when played at a steady rate they are OK, overload them somehow and thats it –

as Vienna lock Windows up when used on its own, it looks like N may be in the clear here - however opening proprties on N could cause a fatal interaction, but as opening properties never seems to break N when using the Audigy as a soundcard ? -

this it a difficult problem to spot - a duff soundfont could be the culptit - but if you havnt added any new fonts to your PC then what to do next ? -

i have not looked to see if there is a Creative forum, if there is have a look there, you may find an answer - or you could send a bug report to Flavio - but he cant do anything if the problem lies outside of N -

Dr J

Here’s the link, but there seems to be an error on the page. What can you do? ???

page is well broken - found way around it through support - (thanks Phoo) found Vienna upgrade - went to forum (oh dear) - rather than read through that lot!!! did search for soundfonts

link to results is below -


if link is dead go to creative soundblaster forum type soundfonts in search box - best of luck there is a lot of them

Dr J

Dr. J,

I tried ‘return to defaults’ with no help. I also got Creative support and reinstalled all of the Creative SB Audigy 2zs Platinum Pro drivers and SW. Each application I’m using works fine. Only nTrack got me completely stuck. I just don’t know how to analyse this one.

F l a v i o H e l p

good news, i managed to freeze N - bad news how i dont know how - and i also found a few more things that are wrong -

playing my controller kbd live through N using Audigy synth nothing i did would break it, i could change instruments using a rotary controller at will - so changing instruments does not seem to be the problem -

through Vienna i loaded the Sinfonia soundfont into bank and Gothic organ into bank 1 -

from my keyboard i have tried everything possible to change the fonts from bank 0 to bank 1 without success - another problem is that although Vienna says it has loaded the fonts into the synth i have no way of verifying if that is so ? - and whilst messing about N froze -

other things that stop N

1…i tried recording from the kbd, N recorded OK but froze on playback - this happened when the timeline went to the end of the screen N stopped, should have redrawn screen and continued - tried recording shorter piece and N worked OK -

2…when recording N recorded the midi track i wanted + 2 audio tracks (must check settings to see why) deleted audio tracks ok - did another recording, deleted audio track 1 OK deleted audio track 2, N froze ? -

discounting the two problems above and instrument changes (which work OK) it could be any of the other controller messages in your MIDI track or a bank change sent to the Audigy that halt precedings -

Dr J