nTrack Icon starts installation instead of program

nTrack is already installed

I installed nTrack 4.1 (1980) and used it for a while. I had reason to uninstall and reinstall my soundcard several times. Afterwards I went to use nTrack by selecting the icon nTrack puts on the desktop during installation and a dialog box opened up saying an install of nTrack was in progress. It stopped as soon as it couldn’t find a file it needed. I went to the FSAoft
-Track Studio 4 folder and directly double-clicked the ntrack.exe file and nTrack launched just fine. But going back and double-clicking the desktop icon, or the one in Start>Programs, caused an install of nTrack to start.

What caused this strange behavior? The shortcuts pointed to the FSAoft
-Track Studio 4 folder but didn’t have a reference to ntrack.exe. I deleted them and made new shortcuts to ntrack.exe and all works fine now. But I am curious as to what caused the problem in the first place. Any ideas?

Oh yeah, I had run regclean earlier but then found that it doesn’t work quite well in XP. Perhaps regclean had deleted the references to ntrack.exe within the shortcuts and the shortcut somehow launched an installation to begin. Just guessing on this one.

Has anybody else seen this behavior?

That will happen any time a file n-Tracks has installed at one time, and is left in its essential file list, is missing. Or if a file it needs is actually missing. Those are special shortcuts that trigger essential file checking (that’s my term - I don’t what it’s really called).

Reinstalling n-Tracks should fix the problem, but not necessarily. The “missing file” may be some left over junk in the registry from a previous installation. n-Tracks thinks it needs a file that it doesn’t so it goes into motion to get it back.

The fix in that case can be easy or difficult. It may mean you need to reinstall the older version and run it at least one (puts the phantom file back), then you turn right around and uninstall it (this time uninstall get rid of the file AND the registry entry).

THEN install the new version again.

That’s because something could have disrupted the older version uninstall and left junk behind. Reg cleaners and do that if they aren’t smart enough or are configed for anything different than you have. Reg cleaning is tricky stuff. I’m not saying reg cleaning did this. There’s lots of reason it could have happened.

Yes, I know that sounds like running in loops.

Anyway, there is a section in the registry that has lists of these “protected files”. If you know where the list is in the registry is easy to edit out the needless entries. It’s best not to go there unless you really know what you are looking for.

I had the same thing happen to me everytime after I used the tuneup utility 2006 registry cleaner. One day I decided to see what file that it was removing assosiated with ntrack. I selected ignore file and it worked since. If my memory is correct the file was seen as some type of tmp file. Hope it helps

leker, I think you’ve hit on the cause. I had indeed previously cleaned out all temp files in preparation for a clean reinstall of Creative drivers. Temp files are supposed to be just that, temporary and deletable. Strange thing, though, is that I never had to reinstall nTrack. I just made a new shortcut to ntrack.exe and it worked fine.

The difference in the shortcut I made is that it was a regular shortcut made by pasting a shortcut from ntrack.exe. The shortcut that was installed by the ntrack installer is a strange type that has the target simply as “n-Track Studio 4” with no reference to ntrack.exe. In that shortcut the target is grayed out. When I had clickeed that shortcut, the reinstall started. I had quit the reinstall and went to the n-Track folder and found many files were there, so I double-clicked the ntrack.exe and the program launched just fine. Then I went back to the “odd” shortcut and tested it and the reinstall started again. That is when I deleted the original shortcuts and made new ones in the traditional way.

Dang, it is customary to delete temp files. I hope this isn’t an annoying characteristic of the way n-Track works.

Deleting a temp file should be ok. I regularly delete everything in the Windows temp folders. I have a batch file that nukes everything in there.

As far as I know n-Tracks doesn’t rely on any truly temp files. If it does that would be a bug.

Do you have any idea which temp file was triggering the missing file problem?

I check which file was saved in tuneup utilities 2006. Its was odd cause it was the bladeenc.exe file(I am not sure if this file was pulled from the tmp folder). I cleaned that file out to test out the shortcut. One again it tried to reinstall Ntrack but this time it could not reinstall itself. I went a little further to see which file it was trying to load. It was the ntrackOsetup.msi file which was also in the temp folder that I deleted a while back. I think it has something to do with one or both of these files. The odd thing is after I did a recovery with the missing file bladeenc, the shortcut still did not work. Maybe it is becuase the the ntrack0setup file was deleted manualy from tmp folder. Or maybe I should have restarted windows after recovery. So I simply created a shortcut from the execution in the fasoft folder. Now life is wonderful again.

Me too! When my original shortcut caused a program reinstall to start, it stopped and noted that it couldn’t find ntrackOsetup.msi. I just checked and ntrackOsetup.msi is nowhere to be found on my system.

So now we know what file, when cleaned from a temp folder, causes the installed nTrack shortcuts to try a reinstall. What we don’t know is why? Flavio, could you explain what is happening?

Where is ntrack_sw.exe? The original install file? When installing ntrackOsetup.msi is extracted to a temp folder and that is the file that is run to install n-tracks. After n-tracks is fully installed either ntrack_sw.exe will be looked for or ntrackOsetup.msi if it can’t find it.

If almost any file that is in the folder n-Tracks is installed into is deleted then a “reinstall” might be triggered. Files you copied into there won’t do it though, but I don’t know about files that existed when the setup run. That would happen when upgrading. My hope is that only files Flavio added to the list would be included for restoration. These would be necessary for n-tracks to be full functional, though may include files that never get used. bladeenc.exe could be one of those, but that’s not installed by n-Tracks as far as I know.

The whole thing seems odd to me also. Since I made a shortcut from the exe file in the fasoft folder I have had no problems at all (even after using TuneUp Utilities). The first few times it happened to me I allowed it to reinstall itself. After a while it became as bad as a 5 second nag screen. So I uninstalled and reinstalled Ntrack. A few songs later it started happening again. That is when I realized it was after using my registry cleaner the problem occured. I think it may just be some type of repair file(s) that are changed, rearanged or destroyed after using certain registry cleaners. Winaso registry optimizer does not seem to have the same effect on Ntrack as Tuneup Utilities 2006.