ntrack loses track of sound card preferences

I’m running ntrack build 2098. Every so often, ntrack seems to lose track of the audio settings that are selected on the audio preferences panel, and when I play back the tracks that I have recorded, and that previously sounded fine, I get this really horrible distortion. If I open and close the audio preferences panel, everything is fine again. So I assume that this refreshes the settings the n-track is storing somewhere. Or perhaps the audio hardware is resetting itself to some default state, and refreshing the panel forces the hardware to match the preferences.

Last night I was manually aligning two sound tracks, and every time I would move one of the tracks, things would go awry, and I would have to open and close the audio control panel. Not a huge problem, just an annoyance. Still I’d like to fix it if I can. Has anbody else dealt with this?

I’m using build 2098 with my Terratec EWS88MT with no problems keeping the preferences. Would it be soundcard driver problems??


Drivers certainly could be a part of it, but the fact that last night everytime I moved a track manually along the time axis, the problem occurred makes it seem to me that n-track is involved too. I could create and delete audio tracks with no problem. And as usual, I could record with no problems. If the driver alone was to blame, it is hard for me to picture why it would be tied to a particular editing function in n-track. On the other hand I can’t imagine why ntrack would be doing anything that would change the settings on the audio interface when performing edit functions. Maybe something is writing to the wrong memory addresses and is hitting locations that map to the audio hardware settings??

I don’t think this is driver related…MAYBE.

I think something is causing corruption of the in memory config occasionally, and that can translate into a corrupted config file. My guess is a bit of well placed memory corruption. But that’s only one thing that could be it.

Check to see if “Keep Audio Devices Open” is checked. My guess is that when it is checked you’ll need to open and close the device settings. When it’s not checked the problem will seem like it goes away since the device will be reset every time playbacks is stopped and restarted…the device will be closed and reopened. If that is the case then those very well could be a driver problem, but it doesn’t rule out memory corruption or some other bug.

EDIT: By the way, moving tracks around used to be a sure fire way to cause memory corruption in some of the earlier V4 builds.

Thanks phoo. What you say makes lots of sense. I’ll try your suggestion tonight.