ntrack mixer and groups

A couple of simple questions.

In 3.3 when I assign a couple of tracks to a group can I stop those tracks from showing on the mixer?

Also can I change the font of the track name on the mixer to something plainer?

I don’t think you can stop them showing up in the mixer… You would still want to see those strips anyway to make sure individual ones aren’t clipping and also so you can adjust the relative mix of each trach being sent to a group.

You can adjust the font for a few things including track name in the Appearance tab of the preferences.

[edit] Actuall - just realised I was wrong. If you right click in the mixer window thre is an option to hide minimised tracks.
Just tick that and then minimise the tracks you send to a group in the timeline window


in ver. 3.3 look to the far left on the track line in timeline view. there is a small icon above the track name, this will minimize the track and hide it in the mixer view. look carefully, it’s there.