ntrack problems

not doing what it is supposed to at all.

This is a sad twisted tale that i hope someone can unravel.
I upgraded my laptop last year to a new dell latitude 810…plenty of space, plenty of speed, plenty of memory.
I had used n3.3 with no problem to do commercials and oneoffs…but not recorded any projects. I upgraded to n5 and have all the current updates. Started on a project yesterday. my usb keyboard lags like crazy with vsts and started crashing. i gave up and used general midi. Got home and started trying to record a guitar part…it locks up. The metronome gets slower and slower compared to the guitar part…
have changed buffer setting, taken the audigy 2zx card out and used the 16 bit onboard and all number of other things…get a message telling me i am running out of resources, need more bufffers and thread…tried that…no fix.
To top it off…I have an old version of Tracktion 1.6 on the machine…tried same thing in it …works like a charm…went back and started up n3.3 to see if it was n5…no it has same problem as n5!!
any ideas…I am going to have to work this project in Tracktion…if i can’t get N working soon i have a feeling i will be looking for another package…this is crazy.

I have used N5 to do voiceovers for commercials and psa’s fine…but when you start doing anything that uses midi/vst and sound…clocks don’t synch…plus i don’t like my vst stuff being a beat off and having to realine it…i figure if is keep using it i will have to record in general midi and then patch in the vsts and not use them on first run…bummer…