NTrack Questions

Hi Folks…long time lurker, first time poster.

I’m using NTrack 3.01 since its availability and overall enjoying the program all this time. Eventually I’ll upgrade the program when I build a PC exclusively for recording.

A couple of matters have arisen over the past few months which I can’t explain so I’m hoping the good folks here might have some insight.

1: My VST plug-ins are showing double instances in the FX drop down menu. That is to say there’s two listings for every fx I currently use. This would be Voxengo EQ, Voxengo Voxformer, Classic Master Limiter, Endorphin Compressor, Freeverb, Xcita and WunderVerb. This doesn’t seem to cause any real world problems but NTrack never did this before…now it does. I reloaded the program last night and imported one VST FX but alas as soon as it showed up in the drop down menu it doubled up as did the rest as I imported them.

2: A bigger problem is mixing down tracks. The mixdown status bar will read 100% complete but it will stop short omitting the last 10-15 seconds of the track. So If I have a 3 minute track to mixdown, it’ll only mixdown 2:50. NTrack never did this before until a few months ago. Sometimes if I deactivate the punch in/out feature this will work as a temporary solution. Same if I use the actual mixdown time fields instead of using “entire song”. Sometimes if I move the tracks up or down before mixdown, this will help. Turning off Dither also helps in some occassions. Lately I’ve been letting my tracks record 30-40 seconds longer than usual to compensate for stopping short. All these are short lived fixes as the problem occurs several times during a recording session. I would love to solve this issue on a permanent basis so I can just mixdown and go without fiddling with the program so much.

Overall I enoy NTrack and it’s been a constant learning curve in finding that perfect recorded sound. Sometimes my recordings sound good and other times not so much. This forum has been very good as I read through the posts and pick up helpful hints and recording tricks here and there.

I’m also very impressed by the submissions and there’s some really good recorded songs on this forum. I use them as benchmarks to help my overall sound.

Oh, before I let you go, Do many of you the feature of having each recorded track at a lower volume than the previous recorded one? I’ve used it both ways but wondering if there’s a advantage or disadvantage in doing this.

Thanks again


I believe the multiple effects listing is a bug in an earlier build of V3. Which build do you have? I believe the last build was 1516 and I think it was fixed by that time. It might be up to V3.3, bu tthe codes for V3.1 will work for V3.3. Some one around here has the link to a page you can get V3.3 from. (I don’t unfortunately)

The lost seconds at the end is a long standing problem that has been there since the first time I ever used n-Tracks. It’s still there in V4. Consider yourself lucky that it’s only surfaced now. The only workaround that seems consistent is to fool n-Tracks into thinking your song is longer than it is. It’s not easily fooled so you actually have to make your song longer than the important parts of the song. The easiest way it to have a track that has a short clip of a wave out past the end of the actual song. It doesn’t matter what it is. Edit the end of the mixed down song file in a wave editor to get rid of the junk at the end. Since most n-Tracks working songs will have some lead-in or count-off that needs editing out this isn’t too much of a hassle nor much of an additional step.

I don’t personally use the feature that lowers volume based on additional tracks. I find that it lowers the volume too much for most of the stuff I do.

Thanks for the timely reply.

My build is 1241.

I’ll try v3.3, I think I saw a link for it a few pages into the forum.

Thanks for the stop short info. I thought my program developed a glitch after the fact.