ntrack slow slow slow display

ntrack gets slow as w/50-60 parts

Hi all – long-time n-track user, first-time forum poster.

Here’s my system:
Athlon XP 2800+
1 Gig RAM
2 Western Digital 7200RPM/8MB ATA drives
n-track 4.0.1
ATI Radeon 9000 graphics card [1]

Here’s my problem:
If I have, say, 16 tracks and 60 wav files, and I zoom out to view the whole song, every user interaction takes a long long time.

For example, to resize a part, I click its grow handle, drag, and then wait a good five seconds for the part to resize. Really annoying.

My current workaround is to zoom in on the part, resize it quickly, and zoom out again, but this is inconvenient.

Is this a known issue? If so, what’s the best workaround?

[1] I’ve also tried an off-brand AGP card w/the same results.

[Double Post] ??? :O :laugh:

Hi hujhax:
You may have to post more specs regarding your DAW.

I’m from the Intel Camp, but it could be you’re haveing a Graphics card issue… I’m sure someone here has a setup similar to yours… They’ll suggest things that’ll get your system config’d…