Ntrack (The Constructive Critism Tale)

I have a few opinions, remember, they’re opinions regarding Ntrack. I firmly believe that you get what you pay for and I think I understand that Ntrack doesn’t provide all the top notch features of the industry but I think otherwise since I’ve slowly but surely have gained some awesome sounding recordings, it baffles me that they only get better with the understanding of eq, compression, etc. But…

1. why aren’t there more tutorials on youtube or in general? There’s a drum tutorial that states it’s Part 1, then that’s it. That drum tutorial helps but I expected a little more. I think by just simply doing this, it would convince people that ntrack is much better than what’s led to believe by other people on other forums trash talking this great DAW. I have a love/hate relationship with Ntrack but from what I’ve endlessly read, so does everyone else with their choice of DAW.

2. Why isn’t there a forum App? I have the app for gearslutz and it’s EXTREMELY functional and convenient for me to look up some info. I’m glad there was an app for a tuner but I hope some other stuff is in the works to help us bring our concerns and remedies quicker to our ntrack brotherhood.

Like I’ve said, Ntrack for its price brings alot of bang for my buck, I think. Again, I may just be naive and not know what the hell I’m talking about since I’m new but I’ve learned many new terms that were foreign to me just a month ago and feel at this pace, I’ll be the audio engineer of this 3000 population town I live in. I enjoy doodling around ntrack pressing buttons I don’t understand and see what happens, sometimes a song might be demolished but it’s a learning experience nonetheless. Thank you Ntrack and everyone for what you’ve done for me so far and I’ve left this thread only for the purpose of being constructive.

And just for the record, for the 2 points I bought up, I have 20 great positive things to say about Ntrack. I’m just saying…

I tried V7 R-2983. Lots of stuff ain’t working right. I’ve used V5 for years with fair success, I thought I would give the latest version a try. I have a 3GHz Pentium4 dual core Gateway w/3GBRAM w/winXP32. V7 won’t play right with EZdrummer, I get warnings about buffer over-runs on my sound card (Didn’t get on V5). V7 Crashes - usually when opening a project. Although V7 works better with EZdrummer then V5 did. If I have to fight battles with using the software, it might be time to move on. Sometimes the playback gets real slow and skips -> Looking at task manager there is plenty of CPU and RAM left. I was hoping to get V7 going but not with the issues I have seen thus far. Seems to me V7 is not ready for prime time.

Falgorian. I’m a happy n-T user, too.

Sqidhead! I use n-T7 with ezdrummer with no prob’s. What soundcard/interface do you use?