nTrack V6.07 2529 Grouping & Effects

I am not sure if this is bug or an issue with my system.
I am using a KVM switch and it sometimes will do funny things with the cut and paste buffers and keyboard.

I just installed V6.07 2529 yesterday. Nice additions.
I tried to group three tracks into a group, rename the group to “Choir” and then apply a Simple Delay (Sony) effect.
Once I did that the connection between the tracks the group was gone, and the group was changed to a instrument channel and the output of the three tracks no longer went to to “instrument” channel.

I could not figure out how to get the group to stay with an effect applied. I am sure was able to do this before with previous versions.

Am I missing something obvious or is there a bug in build 2529?
I would be happy to report it as a bug, but I wanted someone to confirm it first.

Win XP SP3
~2.8GHz Intel Duo something, not sure of exact chip.