Ntrack vs Cubase LE


Hello All,
I just purchased a new PC from Rain Recording with a Presonus Firebox which came with Cubase LE. I have been an avid n-track user since it’s inception and was totally cool with 3.0 a long time ago.
I gotta tell everyone that even with my additional purchase of “Demystifying Cubase LE DVD” I’m still confused as hell…

I put my time in and eventually knew n-track quite well, but this Cubase program is a whole new learning curve. No way near as intuitive as n-track. Is it really worth it?
I would appreciate some opinions from any members who may have tried Cubase and could let me know if it’s just me???

Also, Rain did the install of the program including optimal setup for the firebox interface to work with Cubase asio drivers.

What would I need to do to switch over to n-track again?
Since it has been 2 years since I’ve been on the forum,
what version of N should I be looking towards? Also, I do not even have a browser installed on this pristine new machine. Does N-Track come on disk?

Thanks in advance,

I hope they installed XP ? Or what?

You can get a disk I believe - ver. 6. is fairly solid and would most likely be a heck of a lot more user friendly. It’s got a LOT more tools now over 3 though - and of course it’s still my favorite user interface.

I’m not sure how code registration would work without the internet though, and new releases etc…

We’ll get your question answered though I’m sure.

Hi Gents:

I believe that most of these audio applications including VST Plug-ins and all like to be installed on a computer that’s connected to the Internet…
That way these applications can call HOME or Whatever it’s called…

I’ll bet this machine is gonna be a nice working DAW…

If I owned it I would download n-Track v6.0.1 (latest build) from the Internet,(Flavio’s Download Page) on a computer that’s able to connect to the Internet and copy it to a USB memory stick (or something) and transfer/copy it to your DAW…
Then make a purchase and get the Reg. Codes…
and apply it to your DAW and see what happens…
I expect it’ll work (n-Track)…without calling Home…
However, there are some VST Plugs, that I have that wouldn’t work unless your connected to the Internet… AND… will only work on that machine
There are some VST programmers that allow “Smart Key” operation…
You can take the Smart Key and use the VST Plug on any machine…
with any multi-track Editor…

It would be so nice to have a machine for just Multi-Track Editing…
and Tracking…
and all… like you have…


Just download the n-Track installer and copy it over to a thumb drive. Install it from the thumb drive or copy the installer to your new machines hard disk. As far as I know, n-Track does not have to “phone home” to verify your registration code.

If that doesn’t work, drop a note on the support page and b!tch about it. Personally, I HATE software that MUST be webber-netted to work. I don’t care for dongles either. I’ll either buy a code and use it honestly or I won’t use it.

Which version? The last “good” one I had was the last build of V3.3. I haven’t used n in a long time but some of these guys say V6 is coming along nicely.

Good luck!


Hey guys thanx for the responses and please keep them coming.
I saved up for 2 years and found Rain, which cut me a great deal… ( less than a Dell!) They installed XP as my platform of choice, plus all of the cubase software and settings.

Should I remove Cubase & asio drivers before loading N-track???
I do not have a browser yet…Any ideas?
I can connect to the internet, but would rather get N-track on a Disk…
I found this for my free antivirus: www.avast.com
This will let you disable the prog when recording…

I’m not sure I understand about why I have to be on the internet for vst stuff…can u explain?

Any dissastfied Cubase le users out there?

thank you all,

I gave Cubase a fighting chance a couple of years ago when I got the trial version through Tascam. I tossed it. It reminded me of a bass player I worked with once who had the attitude of “We’re gonna do this MY WAY whether you like it or not!” Whereas n-Track always reminded me of the stoney keyboard player that said, “Yeah man let’s try it and see if it works.”


Should I remove Cubase & asio drivers before loading N-track???

NO! You may find you NEED something in Cubase or a friend may email you a project in Cubase format or whatever... it won't hurt anything to leave it.


I do not have a browser yet...Any ideas?

I'm a FireFox guy myself... if you don't need it though, don't put a browser on your DAW machine. You can move files around with a thumb drive or something.


I can connect to the internet, but would rather get N-track on a Disk..

I think you can get a disk shipped to you for an extra six bucks or something.


I found this for my free antivirus: www.avast.com
This will let you disable the prog when recording...

I'm an AVG Free guy myself but Avast is a good product with a good rep.


I'm not sure I understand about why I have to be on the internet for vst stuff...can u explain?

Some companies program their products/plugins to use the internet to "phone home" and verify that their license is still valid. If you find one of these companies, RUN AWAY. Don't walk, RUN. There are other companies and products with equal or better performance that do not have such moronic licensing policies.


Any dissastfied Cubase LE users out there?

Not necessarily dissatisfied with the product... I actually used it for a while before I found Reaper. As a company though, I do not care for Steinborg at all. Given a choice, I will use another product.


One more thought you need to keep in mind…

If you get a disk shipped, the version on the CD will probably be “old” by the time you get it. You still need a method of downloading updates to the program and installing them. Whether you choose to connect your DAW to the webber-net or use another machine connected to the net and moving files around with a portable thumb drive or similar is up to you.


I have Cubase LE as well and pretty much hate it from a usability standpoint. I don’t think it necessarily BAD, just not what I wanted to mess with.

Excellent! thanx so much for the quick responses. Gonna get n-track on CD, play with it, then later connect to the internet…
Let’s see what happens from there.

Thx, Lou

OK, Done, I ordered N via mail on Disk. can’t wait to get started again!!!