NTrack with Melodyne Plugin...

Melodyne Plugin crashes Ntrack

I want to say that the folks on this forum … and Flavio…have been very helpful to me over the years with my learning about Ntrack… Thank you all for this.
My issue is that I wish to run Melodyne’s Plugin version with Ntrack and find that though I got the demo to run the other night, it now crashes the newest beta version of Ntrack… is anyone having any luck running this plug? For an aging singer it’s quite a help and I would prefer to stick with Ntrack but am looking closely at other software that will run this thing.
Thanks in advance…


Other programs have trouble with it too guilty, or so I’ve read. Mostly interface and sync issues. I don’t have Melodyne but did test the demo a while back (last year’s build) as I recall it was a resource hog so I gave it up. Someone here may be using it though. Good luck!

Try ReaTune in Reaper and then pull your track back into n-Track for the rest of your work. I’ve tuned up a vocal track or two with ReaTune and they turned out pretty good IMO. R costs a pile of cash less than Melodyne. Alongside your familiar n-Track, the two would make quite a team.

Also, Flavio is working on a new vocal processing effect for V6.0.6. I assume it might have pitch correction functions? Dunno…