nTrack working in NC

1st song post for me


my 1st all nTrack song - had fun with my oldest son doing it a while back but never got around to putting it up on songramp - so i could post it around in various places.

that be pure southern rock. Good to hear it’s still made like it use to be.
That’s a very great sounding first! Kick’s got balls. I like it! Guitar sounds are good to. Vocal, bass - great. Great job!

Nice clean sound to this track, liked it :agree:

thanks gents - yea we certainly have the southern rock tendency - specially after a beer or two - ha!

it was laid down fairly “live” with a few added tracks overdubbed. nTrack did allow me to work out some areas not so wonderful on 1st take.

also - any critiques are welcome.


yeah man, I really really love the laid back vocals reminds me of one of fave singers Eddie Vedder. god I wish I could sing like that. Reckon the acoustic needs to come down a little for me. Nice song dude.

al :)

Yeah! Nicely done piece. Vocals are cool, and guitars are very well done. Good song all round. :agree:

Good job! Good tune and performance.

My only critique would be more stereo separation to make it pop more.

(Where in NC?)

east of beaufort… i don’t know how to seperate the tracks any more without getting the tracks on top of each other? thanks for the suggestion but please explain if you get time. :agree:

Let’s go fishing . . . any piers left down there?

More spreading out of tracks (panning) in the stereo space would help

East of beaufort????
Lenoxville, Harkers Island? Water? Can’t get too much farther East than that.

Hmmm, Straits, Gloucester, Marshallberg, Sleepy Creek? No wait, that’s water. Outer banks?

Anywho, the last time I was down to Morehead fished off the Sportsman pier, only to find out later that it was tore down. I guess Bogue pier is still up down towards Emerald Ilse? Everything has changed so much down in that area.

i live in gloucester and keep my boat at harker’s island!

not many piers left between atlantic beach and emerald isle - tore them down to build condos - too crowded and commercialized now - we usually hang out at the cape (cape lookout). only way there is by boat. :agree:

Haven’t been down in 2 years now, it’s definitely commercialized! :disagree:

Oooooh , me likie this! Gorgeous vocal tone controlled beautiful, (I’d like to ear it more clearly…like live :wink: love this style , great song.

Ange x