nTrack x64 do not install in Vista-64

When I try to install

nTrack 5.1.1 x64 Build 2313
In Vista Ultimate 64-bit.

I get the message"that I have to be loged in as an administrator".
(But I am loged in as an administrator.) ???

I have just put together a new computer. I Run Both XP and Vista-64bit
(on separate hard-disks). nTrack 4 is working all right in XP. But not
as good in Vista-64 (?).

I think it will take some time (if ever) for me to come over to Vista-64.
My fovorite photoshop 4
:peace: will not even install i Vista-64.
(Vista-64 do not accept 16-bit software.)

/Goran Sweden

The 32-bit (same build 2313)

installs OK :whistle:
in my
Vista Ultimate 64-bit.

/Goran Sweden

I have now installed SP1


nTrack 5.1.1 x64 Build 2313

still do not install in my

Vista Ultimate 64-bit.

Is there anyone here using nTrack-64bit ?

/Goran Sweden

I have just solved the problem:
1.) Right-click the install-file
2.) Run as administrator

/Goran Sweden