nTracks 3.xx & XP pro

Does 3.xx work with XP pro

I bought a new laptop last Sept and have just gotten around to loading an old nTracks 3.xx (I can’t remember) that I had on my old Windows 98se computer. Will I have any issues with Windows XP Pro?What about with DB Powerbase?

Do I need to upgrade? This has been a stable program for my needs which consist of taking live (CD) recordings and tweaking them with a little EQ and reverb. I will be doing some midi and possibly some light recording (single tracks at a time) in the future.

Thanks guys

ANY version of N will work in any version of XP (it’s only Media Center that has problems with some audio programs and interfaces)

Thanks Tim… I will load it up today… :D

Actually, I had some oddball issues. Nothing serious, but a few quirky things here and there. I downloaded that latest 5.x release and everything worked fine. I’m thinking of purchasing the 5.x release now.