Nudging Tracks

Can tracks be nudged when aligning tracks
In protools a track can be nudge to an infinite amount which is very handy

Tracks may be nudged - one at a time - by e.g. selecting Properties for the track, then selecting Track Wave File. Here, the track’s offset (number of ‘units’ from the start of the project and the start of the wave file) may be entered.

The ‘units’ may be selected according to the accuracy you want and the context of the wave file. M:B:T when syncing wave files to midi tracks, Frames when syncing to a lesser accuracy, User, where the number of fractions of a second may be selected (1000 is a good number, corresponds to milliseconds) and Samples being the most accurate, where aligning may be to the nearest sample. This is hardly ever needed, unless you are dealing with very special material.

Tracks may be shifted about by hand using Ctrl-mouse moving the file in the track. The zoom function may come in handy for this.

regards, Nils

And of course, you can zoom in on the timescale and drag it by 1-sample amounts if you have a reasonably steady hand.

I line up tracks to 1-sample accuracy all the time when receiving parts posted for internet collaborations, lining up the posted part’s copy of the count-in click with the original. I have to zoom in all the way anyway, to see how much to move the new part.

Thanksfor the help i’ll try this out

Do you have a video tutorial showing how to nudge a track? I am not understanding your instructions you have included here so a video tutorial would be helpful. With Sonar and ProTools nudging a track is extemely simple and one of the most useful tools and most used tool to line up tracks to really nail overdubbed timing or cutting and pasting. Moving an audio track left or right is simple as described above if you have a steady hand but doesn’t work very well to tighten and line up overdubs. Thanks!

You can use the Ctrl + / Ctrl - keyboard shortcuts to nudge parts. The amount by which the track is moved depends on the zoom.
Or you can use the ‘adjust latency’ setting in the track properties box to fine tune the part offset using a knob.