Oberheim OBTune

anywhere to buy???

Hey guys,

After reading previous posts on auto-tuner plug-ins, I would really like to get my hands on a copy of the Oberheim OBTune. I checked out musicyo.com but they said that they don’t distribute it any more. Is there anywhere else I can get it? If they aren’t selling it anymore is it legal to get a copy from someone out there?

Please help if you can. Thanks.


Yeah, seems to be no longer available.

Even if you did find someone to copy it for your it wouldn’t work because it uses a machine-specific challenge-response registration technique.

I have it and I just hope I don’t need to reinstall.


OB tune is no more? Perhaps the ask/response still works? It has the same ask/response system as autotune, so perhaps that part of it is run by antares? ??? anyone know?


Last time I installed it, the only way to get the challenge response code was at musicyo.com, and I had to email because the web page didn’t work. IIRC, to my surprise, I got the same response codes for the new machine as I used on the old one, so you could probably buy a copy from someone as long as their challenge codes are good and you use their name & etc. when installing it (right).

It’s a disappointment. If I’d known I’d only get a few years’ use out of it, I might not have paid the $50 (at the time). But it was worth what I paid just for the first year, when I got a lot of use out of it.

I sure hope my old response codes still work when I upgrade in a month or so. I’d hate to have to pay for Autotune.

of course, I have audition 1.5, which has an autotuner built in so…


Anybody willing to sell me their copy? I’ll give you a good price if I can get it to work…