Ocean Girl

New recording.

This is the first tune I ever attempted to write. It was 1973, I was 17, had a brief encounter with a pyscho young lady whom I wrote this for.
Up-dated version recoded yesterday and mixed this morning.

Too cold here to do anything else.

Ocean Girl

Any comments are welcome. :)

Yer muse has risen! Great job Yaz! I like everything about it!

Well DONE Zay! Good tuneage… :agree:


Great tune! Love the acoustic guitar runs, the sound is real nice n clean. Great guitar solo, did you double tracks it or is it a harmonizer effect?

The only thing is a hiss on the left track, might just be 1 guilty track. Real minor though, I didn’t notice until I put the headphones on.

Your voice sounds good, the piano adds real well, love the backup vocals, is that you too?

Loved it! :agree:

Hey I saw Paul Oakley on your page, he’s been a guy I’ve contacted a few times in the last few months, send him a link to this I bet he would like it.

harmony is great ain’t it?!

Thanks fer listening guys!

Hiss on left track, will check it out. The solo guitars are 2 guitars done live, no BIAB or nuttin. :laugh:

Had a tough time getting the vocals down on that one from having the flu mess, but I preciate the compliments! :)
I just love harmony vocals! :love:

Hey Nix, Paul is a heck of a guitarist! :agree:


The solo guitars are 2 guitars done live, no BIAB or nuttin.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Jan. 16 2009, 8:17 PM)


The solo guitars are 2 guitars done live, no BIAB or nuttin.


Nah... turds float. Zay would sink like a brick... :p

We WUV WU ZAY!! :laugh:

(I crack me up.)


Harmonies are just superb. Really good to hear you back in action Rich. Production is nice on this. Can’t hear the hiss (maybe cos of the ringing in my ears)
Great song!

I bet you can sing Neil Young songs better than Neil himself. Love the chord progression, the leadwork
:love: , the writing and vocal performance. Wish I wrote that good at 17. (If I wrote this myself just this weekend, I’d be happy about it.)

Man you shoulda been a star 30 years ago.
or at least sold the song to CSNY.

The piano is an especially good touch. nice minimalism.

Mucho thanks for listening. Ah if I could only write like that today, musta peaked after that tune, LOL.

Whad’a’ya mean peaked out after that, your muse blew a fuse or something?

Kudos to Nixon on the hiss in the left channel, yep gonna redo the mix today and repost it!

Good ear Nix!

Actually I think I peaked about 2 hours after I was birthed! :laugh:

My you’ve been busy!

Sorry I’ve not had a chance to listen to these last few tracks until now, I’ve totally been missing out! Why’d no one tell me?!

The standard of these songs is awesome. I love your use of harmonies in ‘windy lady’ /
‘down home feeling’ is ace! Your vocals are really very beautiful in it and the harmonies are perfect, love the ‘boinging’ and well…love everything about it! The guitar in ‘oceon girl’ is beautiful.

(Damn you talented musicians making me look bad!)

Nice work

Ange x

Yes, very good recording and music :agree:

Thanks for listening y’all. :)

Ange, no one is gonna make you look bad. No way!