octaver to mimick bass

Not sure if this is a recording no no but I don’t have a bass and I don’t want one. I want to mimick one on my 6 string and was thinkin bout using an octaver. Do you think this will fly????

Never tried it myself as I have a cheesy Squier Jazz bass I use for bass parts… but I have heard of others having success using the Pitch Shift plugin that comes with n-Track. I suupose as long as you don’t get too crazy and introduce a bunch of screwy ‘artifacts’ it should be OK. Try it and see.


Some guy named powerpop (wasn’t it?) who used to hang around here ages ago used single coil Fenders & n’s pitch shift to produce some pretty cool bass tracks.
Heck - even Mac approved :)
Experiment & see what you can do…

Well I’ve managed to get my guitar to sound like a cello.

Before I bought a bass guitar I used to record my 6 string and then pitch shift it down an octave.

Works ok if you use the neck pickup.

Use the highest quality setting which means it probably won’t be able to process in real time, but just render the track with the effect on high quality then import the rendered wav into your song.


The trick long ago (Mac days) was to use a Telecaster on the neck pickup. It works pretty well actually.

I do this regularly, though I’m just a home hobbyist making recordings for friends, family and myself. I use n-tracks pitch shift and as others have mentioned use the neck pickup.

Experiment with it so you find the perfect combination of amp/plugin settings to get the sound you want. I still would like to get a bass someday, as I can always tell the difference.

You could also try to make it NOT sound like a bass.

Okie Dokie

I’m having more success with non nTracks plugs. Actually quite convincing.

How are soft synths for this???

try pvtransp from http://www.bath.ac.uk/~masrwd/pvplugs.html

it goes down to one octave and sounds nice.

Re: soft synths for bass, try the free Triangle I (not II - well, try II, but I sounds better) from:


Well thankyou Sinbad and TomS … downloading now.

Thanks all for your suggestions.