Odd Behavior v2671 win32bit

This ones a pickle.

Some very odd behavior is taking place with the new build beta v2671

Notes on this.

I’m in the middle of making my 4th album and something odd is taking place. I have a tune that has some crunch guitar that has “crunchy clicks” in the solo section, for lack of a better term, in perfect time with the drums, sounds very cool to me, and when I click on the time line to play it back, that is, not hitting rewind all the way, it plays back perfectly in time. Now I hit rewind and start the song from scratch when I get to the solo, it’s out of time just a little but enough to notice. I thought I was playing out time so recorded it again it sounded fine until I hit rewind to start position. Once again this happens again. As it turns out the whole project acts this way. If I click on the time line while it’s playing mid song or click just after starting the problem is gone. This a real pickle for me because I can’t finish my project until this issue is resolved, at least with this beta. I’m going to install a non beta over on the Win 7 machine and give it go. I’ll post back my results.


Just to report, v2655 non beta on my Win 7 system does the same thing.


All right I got it pinned down. (Update so I thought)

When the “Change the way pitch speed are related” is not locked, there is a bug that arises when playback is reset to start from the beginning that causes the recorded tracks to off set very slightly, almost inaudible timing issues. When clicking on the time line the issue goes away as long as you don’t hit rewind to start. When you “LOCK” this icon “Change the way pitch speed are related” and rewind to the start, it now plays back fine in perfect pitch and time. I’m going to go have a beer now.


Just an update: Even though this has solved the problem it has created another I’m now getting a weird effect when the “LOCK” is in place, it’s like reverbing the whole song, It sounds OK but half way through I get some backup vocals go out of sync and without hitting rewind I set the time back a little and it goes away. So this method may not be the cure. I did notice the current song speed was set x1.01 for this song.

And all the other songs, 4 of them this item is set to x1.0 so I have set this song from x1.01 to x1.0 and this seems to have worked. I’ll do a bit more testing later and report back. Maybe thats all it was.



I’ll investigate the problem. Except for the pitch/speed lock icon setting, does the track have the speed or pitch altered or they are at their defaults (i.e. 1.0x speed and +/- 0 pitch)?


Read the above post should give you the answer. Thanks Flavio

Just side note, everything was working fine till the beta I was using expired and I had to reinstall. Thats life I guess.


It was the song speed. For some reason this was changed during installs, (I think). It changed to x1.01 from the default x1.0 and I didn’t even notice (I’ve seen this take place with older builds but the values were different x0.99 instead of x1.01. I also never click up there but it’s possible clicking near the time line, I might have accidentally hit it and in fact, that’s probably what happened.

This created havoc because things were going out of sync. Since I have changed this back to the default I’m not experiencing any more sync issues with the effected track. The odd behavior seen was because the track I was recording was recorded at a different speed (looks like) than the project causing the sync issue when played back fully, but the same part would play at the correct time in sync when the time line was used to play the song (odd behavior). This created much confusion and made finding the problem more difficult. I’m glad it’s not so serious and things are basically back to normal. Sorry for any confusion this might have caused.

One more thing when locking the speed when it’s at x1.01 creates some unusual reverb effect and when locked at x1.0 (default) seems to have no noticeable effect.