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This is a new concept to me, I was wondering if this is totally bogus, and if not, how do you get around the problem that the software can’t be registered? Doesn’t that make it impossible to actually run some of these apps?

I’m familiar with the OEM concept with software bundling on PC purchases, but I’ve never even thought it possible to by an OEM software as a ‘stand-alone’.


Waves for 25 bucks? Sounds illegal to me…

Yeah, I’d be REAL wary about giving a credit card number to something like that…
(If they’ll rip off a software company, what would they do with your CC number????)

Besides, if you can’t register the software how could you get authorization codes????

Sounds real fishy…

You see this on ebay a lot.

The most significant thing I consider is that you can’t get any real on-line help, as in the kind you can get here. You’re on your own- no need to try and go to the manufacturers’ forums, you’ll get found out and called up short- and no help for you! Like a fat man on his 10th plate at the China Buffet!

And there’s that pesky getting-ripped-off idea.


(Please take note that all our software is OEM Version. It is FULL FUNCTIONING in all ways but cannot be registered)

BULL S**T. There is no such thing as OEM in this sort of software… especially not at those prices. They are either selling the demos that the factory reps drop off for in store demo use only, they are selling cracks, or they are selling the same copy 100 times over. Have you evr heard of software you can’t register because it is OEM? Amzingly enough, I pulled their server’s IP information and they are out of Texas. I was fully expecting South Korea, Romania, or Vanuatu.

What does OEM stand for anyway? (my ignorance is showing… :) )

Origional Equipment manufacturer if I remember …

Like M-Audio giving you reason adapted for free under the OEM lisence, because you bought their hardware, and that way they’re saying ‘thankyou’ by getting software like that added.

Of course the software guy smiles as you get a version to try and use to make you want to want the full one …

Right, but those are always the “Express”, “LE”, “Light”, or some other stripped down version.

Thanks for all the responses.

OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer


I am curious to see what a company like Cakewalk or Adobe or Steinberg would have to say about something like this. I’ll try to find time to send one of 'em an email with a link - not trying to be Mr. Snitchboy or anything, but for selfish reasons I’d like know if somehow there is a back-end loophole sort of way that a company could legitimately sell OEM software like this.

Let me cleary state for the record that I have been a registered n-track user for several years now and although I have had my fair share of issues with the software I do love it and use it all the time. I always register any product that I use beyond the demo stage and am happy to pay for it.

However, and hopefully this won’t cause the board to glance at me sideways too much, I recently became aware of a cracked version of a well-known sequencer package that a friend of mine had obtained and had used without incident. This friend loved the product and after toying with the cracked version for a while to his credit he went ahead and purchased a legitimate registered version of it. After some reluctance, I installed the cracked version with the same intention; try it and if I liked it pay for it. But after using it, there were some things that the product did not do at all that I was under the impression that it did do. On the free demo version of the product large portions of the functionality were not available so there was no way in this particular case that I could have discovered this particular limitation by trying the demo.

Finally, after a lot of digging on this company’s website and some of it’s documentation, I was able to find information that did indeed state the limitation I was running into. But man I had to work hard to find it.

Maybe I’m trying to have my cake and eat it too but I’ve become very frustrated by demo versions of products lately. It seems that everytime I run into a ‘I need this product to do this in this way’ situation that particular functionality is not available in the demo. So the cracked version in this case saved me a purchase that I would not have been happy with.

So I’ve been looking at other ways of testing software before purchasing and for that I don’t feel guilty. Some of this stuff ain’t cheap and once you purchase, good luck getting a refund.

So sorry for the long-winded post about all this but that is sort of the background for me for why I was looking at this site in the first place. I know without registration many products won’t even run - my registered version of Amplitube has three layers of registration verification, as an example. But if somehow an OEM version was legitimately available for certain products that were fully functional but had no customer support or ability to updgrade or crossgrade etc etc etc I would jump on it for evaluation purposes. For a major sequencer I would actually be willing to spend more than what the prices were on this web site.

Thanks again and if I get 'round to sending an email to one of the companies I mentioned I’ll update everyone with the result.

This is grey area, but I sometimes don’t mind that if used only as a demo. The downside is that you never know what you bring into your PC with software like that.

But if you use softwarez for a demo and either delete it or buy it after medling with it, I’m not gonna condemn you to the pits of software heII …

The problem is the temptation to keep using it.
I’ll also think very long and hard before I introduce who-knows-what into my stable PC DAW …

W <- Also a happy registered 3.3 user. (Soon to take the plunge for 4)

Oh. I’m also not saying that you must steal a car to take it for a test drive :p

If the salesman only takes you for a ride in a car with 3 wheels, 2 dead pistons, half the breaks, no seats etc then I would consider stealing a car to testdrive, but luckily the ‘try before you buy’ with cars gives you a fully functional one…


The " I use cracked to help better asses the software" argument is made pretty frequently when this topic comes up. I agree that many limited demo versions are not terribly useful when trying to assess the software, but my feeling is that in that case so many people will not buy the software that market forces will eventually cause the company to figure out a better demo. So I vote with my feet in those cases, and don’t resort to using stolen illegal software. :)

While teaching in a music store, one of my students brought me a disc of some ‘cracks’. I tried some of 'em, and ended up buying a version of one just lately- when it bacame an issue to have it, and when I could afford it. My student gave me an opportunity to try the thing out.

I didn’t lecture the guy who gave it to me- he was a 40+ grown-up responsible blue-ish collar, working husband / dad.

I did feel wierd about using it a little- and that’s what kept me from using it as a regular part of doing anything significant. The reason I bought n-Track was that I wanted a viable app for my semi-working studio-to-be, registered in my name, and which could afford me the proper kind of tech-support and on-line help, as in this forum. And it’s been a real deal! Great app, great community. Great price… At first, a few years ago, I saw n-Track and passed on it. It has come quite a way since then.

And I also, still, use the other one (that I bought).

So call me what you will, I’m allright.


and don’t resort to using stolen illegal software

Now that you put it that way …


Sloom, I bought N-Track for the excact same reason.
I wanted something that was good, easy to use and not too expensive, and something that I could get cumfy with.


Quote (Wihan Stemmet @ Mar. 23 2006,01:02)
and don’t resort to using stolen illegal software

Now that you put it that way …


Sloom, I bought N-Track for the excact same reason.
I wanted something that was good, easy to use and not too expensive, and something that I could get cumfy with.


You know, guys,

There is (I think) a bit of overhyped wrath going around about this whole stolen thing. Now, I would choose to take my work elsewhere if the person I hired was using cracks of this or that to produce my tune with- now the guy’s buttering his bread with ‘hot’ wares. I’m working to pay for the priviledge of being in his studio, and… Sheesh, go buy your own tools! I think that’s rational on my part, and sleazy behavior for any operation.

I had my hand tools stolen from my car once, after I’d broken down on the way to work one morning, and went to make a phone call at a nearby restaurant. “What!?”.

But anyway, if I’m trying to assess what I can reasonably use for what will start out as my own personal experience, then… would any of you guys spend $100-$600.00 for a music application you’re not sure will work out for you? (yay n-Track!)

This conversation went on for about 20 pages over at Homerecording.com! Flames and all! :laugh: I’m backing out now…

Yeah, it’s a topic that comes up on other boards with some frequency, and generally leads to name calling. :) It ahs come up here several times over the years, although there weren’t many flames. In my mind it is OK (and sometimes a duty) to break the law when there is some significant injustice involved - we have a euphemism for that sort of act: civil disobediance - or when there is some very basic and pressing need (your kids are starving, etc., although those may simply be cases of the law perpetuating an injustice and hence the act is justified for the same reasons acts of civil disobediance are). Beyond that sort of case I don’t see any justification for illegal activity, esp. not consequentialist justifications of the sort that are usually offered in this kind of case (that it’s a benefit to the software makers - which, given that it is thier sofware, they should be the ones to decide, not us, it seems to me). But in what sense is there an injustice involved here? Lacking such a justification, we can only wish and request software makers to maked the demos more useful.

It is an interesting question, but I don’t see how using cracks could be justified unless one rejected these principles.

Well… I might as well chime in here too.

A guy at work gives me a handful of CD’s one day… “Hey man, there might something here you’re interested in…” I know this guy is a hack and “intellectual property thief” if there ever was one so I said… “Umm OK I’ll give 'em a peek.” 3 of the disks were full blown Sonar 3 with the Sonitus plugin suite. One disk was Adobe Audition 1.5. The others were crap I was totally uninterested in. I installed Sonar 3 and really liked it. However, I did not feel right using it so it got the un-intsall treatment. Later, I got Sonar 4LE as a package upgrade for my soundcard. I use it from time to time and enjoy it. Probably not enough to go out and pay $600 for the producer edition though.

Adobe Audition lit my fire though. That is one freakin’ awesome proggie IMO. I uninstalled it though and bought a copy from a friend and did the license transfer. He was stoked about SoundForge 8 and most of his stuff is video related so SF fits his work flow better with Vegas and all that crap.

So here’s the deal… both “cracked” packages gave me a real taste of the product. Enough so that I bought one of them. Secondhand mind you, but legal. The other product (Sonar Pro) I REALLY like but can’t justify the cost at the moment. I don’t OWN it so I don’t use it and do not have it installed anymore. I even broke and trashed the CD’s to remove the temptation.

Intellectual property theft IS theft. Period. Some guys/gals sit and crank out that code in order to feed their families and better their lives. If their product is stolen, it is no different than breaking into their house and taking cash from their wallets.

D – mere human trying to do the right thing…

'course, you might have found the same thing if you had tried the demos. One should not infer that since it is possible to make sales through cracked versions, that it is the only way to do so. What if he had given you a bunch of demos on those disks? My sense is that there is a certain temptation that causes us to check out the full cracked versions when we might do just as well with the demo. Sort of a minor porn- like thrill.

So you really liked Audition? I used to have cool edit pro - nice program. :)

You know what I personally really like… Macromedia… you can get full versions of any of their applications that self destruct after 30 days. IMO that is the way to go. Obviously the copy protection schemes used are routinely cracked, so what is the point of making them insanely hard? It’s like your house. If someone is really motivated, they’ll take a chain saw to the siding and get in anyway. Let the people use the full blown version and have it die like Macromedia. The honest folks are going to buy it, and the rest are going to get a crack anyway. I think a lot of developers are just fooling themselves with dongles and all this other crap they use.