Off set - lagged detuned overdubs

It’s Vista and Tascam again

Having finally made the drivers work for my us 122 in Vista - I’m coming upon a new set of probs.

Last night I tried overdubbing to make sure I was ready for today’s vocal session. I grabbed my strat and found an old tune to test the new setup in.

The first take recorded late by about 5 seconds into the song from the point I started playing - I sat and watched the recorded track grow beyond the scroll. It was weird. On playback it was detuned and about 3x slower than the rest of the track. I went to US 122 setup and lo & behold it had changed settings on me. 24 bit 44800 from the set 16 bit 44100. I rest it and went back to default in nTrack - that seems to have fixed it. New overdubs were ok - but I’m spooked now.

Did I do the right thing? - I have a feeling this new computer and Vista recording will be GREAT when I get it tweeked. Any input would be sweet.

Should I go to 24 bit and 44800 - is there an advantage?

Thanx folks.

Hi Poppa W, here’s a link to tweaking Vista out for DAW work. You can cut some of the bloat and eye candy for more stability. I’ve done a few of these and it helped.

Vista Tweaks

Hope it helps! :agree:

Yaz :)

Thanx Yaz