Off the press

Everyone seems to be posting stuff lately… so I figured I would post something from the upcoming Slang record:…018.mp3

A VERY special guest appearance is on this track from the renowned Tom Willis.

who? - oh I likes this record… hey daddy?!

Tom Willis is this hot **** sumbitch guitar player guy I know.

Nice work, guys. You old ragga punk Pops. That bass is stonkin’.

Yeah, but Pops is doing the female voice on this one… not guitar work.

oh now yer even…

Take it like a woman :laugh:

That smokes.
The vocal sounds eerily like a young Alex Chilton.

What can I say? It’s DA’ SLANG! WOOT!!

:agree: :agree:


Excelent what a great sound you got on that, i liked the extra bits you put on like the boy/girl conveersation & the guitar noises. in fact the only thing i thouht let it down a bit was the snare sound, but maybe im too used too sampled kits!


I liked the snare. I like the drums. I like drums!

Alesis HR-16? :p


Err, no. Actually, what was that snare? The actual tracking we did forever ago. I think it was an old 6.5" deep Pearl steel snare detuned slightly on the snare side to get that kinda sloppy smack.


Dang REAL drums… nobody uses dem anymore… sheesh… :p


Yeah, even a real hooman bing played them.

NO… I got one of them… If it is, Leonard wouldn’t let me loose like that on the Maritime Express Stuff… That’s an HR-16 machine…

A 9.9 on that link… Bubbagump… There’s room for improvement… :) :p :laugh:

The bottom end definition is too good… Go back and fix it… :) :p :laugh:


That snare - I’ve ripped it.
Jokinnnng :laugh:

Great stuff!! Sweet mix! Performances are GREAT!!

yea yea yea - but what about my guitar part? It is after all - all about ME! :p