a different scene

well, in this time a tried something from the “space”…
I had problems about the volume of vocals, so i would apreciate your criticism.

listen here:
Old Fashioned Lady

Heck, what’s to criticize? That is excellent. :agree:

Volume on the vocals is perfect for the spaciness… The drums begin to lose definition - maybe a touch ‘dryer’ on the drums. And my personal preference would have been to have a little more of the right side guitar up in the mix. The snare just seems too wet with reverb even though that’s probably what you were going for.

thanks for your help, guys…

It’s really easy to sound good with Ntrack and toneport UX2. For about 6-7 years i’ve been recording musich in computer and since i bought toneport UX2 the guitars sound powerful, nearly perfect.
The last year i’ve made a Cubase+reason+protools course but i’ve found that easiest way to record is with Ntrack and the results are the same. If you have learned to use a software don’t change.
Now i’m complaining to have not a good voice but i’m learning tricks to disguise it and… obviously… practising…

I’m surprised at how good modelling has become. When Line 6 stuff first came out, it was so easy to tell that it wasn’t real. I’d like to hear this track at 16/44 - perhaps it’s just hard to tell with mp3s. :)

They’ve really come a long way IMO. The first Line 6 amp I ever played through sounded like poo. I can’t remember what it was called? It was all black and very square. Anyway, I didn’t care for it. Fast-forward ten or fifteen years and I now play through a POD XT Live floorboard. It wasn’t by choice… it’s because they don’t want amps on stage at church. I have been pleasantly surprised by the thing. The trick is to ignore the preset junk in there and roll your own. I get compliments all the time about my guitar tone. I haven’t done any serious recording with the thing yet. I always used my little Korg Pandora for recording but now that my son has “acquired” the Pandora and moved to another city with it, I’ll be using the POD now.